Xbox One and PS4 players want to know if there are any plans for Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem to be released on consoles after its full release on PC.

Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem is finally leaving Early Access on Steam. The Diablo-like ARPG entered Early Access back in 2017 meaning its full release has been a long time coming. However, as with any exciting game that is only available on PC, lots of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers understandably want to know if there are any plans for it to be released on consoles at a later date.

With mostly positive reviews on Steam, Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem has been dubbed by some as the Diablo game they have always wanted. This isn’t a sentiment everyone will share, but the ARPG would be worth your time if you enjoy quality aspects such as a mature story, co-operative gameplay, tons of loot and the absence of shackles in regard to character development.

PC and Steam have received a lot of good games such as Diablo and the Divinity Original Sin series first, but will Wolcen follow in the footsteps of making the transition from the master race to consoles?

Is Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem coming to Xbox One and PS4?

There is no release date for Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem on Xbox One and PS4.

Nothing about a PS4 or Xbox One version has been officially announced, but the Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem Twitter account has said in the past that they would be interested in bringing it to Microsoft’s console.

In response to an Xbox One query in 2019, the developers said that they needed to finish the game on PC first and that they would be interested if the title turns out to be successful enough.

This doesn’t guarantee that the action-RPG will eventually land on either console or both, but at least the developers haven’t completely dismissed the possibility.

Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem fully launches for Steam on February 13th.

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