Will there be a series 3 of The Split? BBC legal drama makes triumphant return

The Split

This hectic world of law and order is more compelling than ever in the new crop of episodes.

We're glad to see it back, but will there be a series 3 of The Split?

After the show's triumphant return, we're certainly up for more...

The BBC has offered audiences so many great shows over the years, and this legal drama series has been quite a highlight for many. It was written and created by Abi Morgan, first arriving on screens back in April 2018. 

Its first season earned considerable praise from critics and audiences alike, with hopes swiftly turning to the second batch of episodes. With talents like Nicola Walker, Stephen Mangan, Fiona Button, Annabel Scholey, and Barry Atsma aboard, quality becomes somewhat inevitable. 

The talented stars returned along with some new faces for a second series, which we began tucking into on Tuesday, February 11th 2020. The sixth and final episode of the series is set to air on Tuesday, March 17th, but it's already worth taking the time to consider the future... 

The Split

Will there be a series 3 of The Split?

As of yet, there is no news to confirm that there will be a series 3 of The Split. 

However, it's early days for any concrete news, as majority viewers are still working through the episodes weekly, rather than in one big chunk on BBC iPlayer. 

Looking back on the previous season, it's worth noting that it concluded airing in May 2018 and was renewed for a second season that month too. It began airing in April, so if we can expect such a pattern to appear this time around, perhaps we can expect news of renewal to emerge at some point in March. 

It does seem likely that it will be renewed considering the buzz season 2 has attracted so far, but we imagine the BBC will be carefully reviewing the viewing figures before going forward with plans for more episodes. 

If it is renewed, then we still shouldn't expect the episodes to air until late 2021. 


The Split series 2 scores praise

A number of fans have already taken to Twitter to offer their brief thoughts and feelings on the new series. 

Of course, some that weren't able to get into the first series haven't exactly been swayed by the second. Nevertheless, existing fans seem to be pretty happy with the new episodes on the whole.

Check out a selection of tweets below: 


Opinion: The Split deserves renewal

Taking audience reaction - and indeed, the series' consistency in the realm of quality - into account, it's fair to say that The Split deserves more. 

There are numerous avenues they can explore going forward, and a renewal feels even more imperative considering the cast this time around. The majority of the key players were back for season 2, but they also landed some pretty great guests in Donna Air and Ben Bailey Smith (aka Doc Brown) as the divorcing couple. 

The arrival of Damien Molony as Tyler Donaghue also presents some opportunities to explore down the line. We suspect there are a number of TV talents who are keen in joining Nicola Walker's Hannah Stern along with Damien, so there's that too.

In essence, when the returning cast is better than ever and new faces are welcome, why stop there!

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