The first trailer for Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch is here and it’s packed with some brilliant music.

There’s always a huge amount of excitement surrounding the release of a new Wes Anderson film.

The American filmmaker has been responsible for some of the most unique films of the last few decades and his growing fanbase just goes to show that there’s an appetite for something that doesn’t follow the big blockbuster trends.

Wes Anderson’s latest project is The French Dispatch (or The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun to give it its full title) which tells the story of an American journalist living in France and his publication, the titular French Dispatch.

On February 12th 2020, the first trailer for the upcoming film was released. 

The French Dispatch trailer

The trailer is jam-packed with all things Wes Anderson – from the signature look of his films to an astonishing cast of actors, most of whom have worked with Wes Anderson on numerous occasions before.

There’s certainly plenty in the trailer to unpack, particularly if you’re on the lookout for any number of actors who are slated to appear in the film.

What songs appear in the trailer?

During the trailer, we hear a pair of songs that punctuate the moments we see on screen but what are they?

Up first, about halfway into the trailer we hear L’ultima volta by the legendary Ennio Morricone which was used in the 1964 film Malamondo.

And then later on, just as the trailer comes to an end, we can hear a few lines of the song Aline by French singer Christophe.

Who’s composing the music for the film?

For the film’s main score, however, Wes Anderson has once again turned to French composer Alexandre Desplat and, let’s be honest, for a film set in France, no other choice would have worked.

Alexandre Desplat and Wes Anderson first worked together in the 2009 film Fantastic Mr. Fox and Alexandre Desplat has scored every one of Wes Anderson’s films since then.

The French Dispatch is currently scheduled for release in the US on July 24th, 2020. 

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