Nestled away in a venue just off London’s bustling Oxford Street lies a world far away from the everyday Big Smoke.

From flapper girls to prohibition booze, this central London location has transformed itself into a world of Twenties glitz and glamour; a world where love, lust, hedonism and mystery rule. 

It’s Immersive LDN’s production of The Great Gatsby!

HITC donned our best 1920s looks and headed down to Gatsby’s Mansion for a night of dining, dancing and the debauchery of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s world. 

Dinner with F. Scott and Zelda

We kicked off our evening with a bang, opting to go “all in” for both the dinner and show. 

Not only does The Immersive Great Gatsby offer an evening’s worth of entertainment through the play, but for those looking for total immersion, you can begin your journey into F. Scott Fitzgerald’s world with the man himself. 

Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda hosted a dinner party for the six of us, complete with a tasteful New York-inspired menu consisting of Waldorf salads and celeriac remoulade. And, of course, plenty of under-the-counter booze.

You’ll banter with Zelda about the prohibition and have her question the status of your romantic life, while Fitzgerald tries to establish an intellectual rapport and educate you on his latest work. Both are performed with that histrionic bordering on neurotic flair, perfect for their real-life personalities. 

“Gatsby? What Gatsby?”

In between courses, an eager Fitzgerald (Oliver Towse) begins to relay a tale of his mysterious Gatsby figure; one inspired by Tremalchio and the greats of Greek mythology. 

For fans of the novel, you may notice as the author begins to interweave his magnum opus’ text with light dinner party chatter. It’s quite effective, particularly as they announce that the whole room is heading off to a lavish party where the action of said play will take place. 

As the other immersive theatre goers begin to arrive in the main room – one hour later than the dinner guests – background chatter passes through the dining room like an electric current, rousing our excitement for the evening ahead. 

The Great Gatsby brought to life 

The production team have transformed the Immersive LDN location into Jay Gatsby’s fabulous mansion, the room adorned with gold and velvet in a suitably extravagant, teetering on gaudy style. 

Each guest has a unique experience, following different characters’ plot lines as they all interweave and dance around one another. We were lucky enough to follow Myrtle (played brilliantly by Hannah Edwards), as she sneaks off to have affairs with Tom (Prince Plockey) and croons her way through musical numbers. 

If you’re not comfortable engaging with your inner thespian, then you needn’t worry: the immersive production of The Great Gatsby can also be watched as a play. 

You can just sit back and watch the action unfold, Charleston your way into the cast, or even help out at the Gatsby Mansion. The choice is all yours!

So, as we head into the Roaring Twenties 2.0, what better way to celebrate than in style down at Gatsby’s?

The Immersive Great Gatsby is now booking until July 26th, 2020.

Prices start at £29.95 for Immersive LDN’s The Great Gatsby and £52.45 for the show and three-course dinner. Book your tickets here.