Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico has returned to our screens for season 2.

A new season of a TV show always brings about some changes, whether it be new characters, new directors or even a shake-up of the opening titles.

The same can be said for Narcos: Mexico, the spin-off series from the highly acclaimed Netflix series Narcos.

This February, Narcos: Mexico returned for its second season and, as you’d expect welcomes in some new personnel but something that has stayed the same, and has been carried over from the original Narcos series is its much-loved theme song.

Narcos: Mexico season 2

Narcos: Mexico season 2 arrived on Netflix on February 13th, 2020 and continues the story of Félix Gallardo as looks to build the Guadalajara cartel into a drug-dealing empire while the DEA attempts to keep that from happening and bring down the tyrannical drug lord.

The very last episode of season 1 saw actor Scoot McNairy, who had been the show’s narrator, revealed as Walt Breslin, a DEA agent now tasked with bringing down Félix and his ever-expanding cartel.

Season 2 offers up plenty more thrills as the net tightens around the Guadalajara cartel and its overlord.

Exploring Narcos: Mexico’s theme song

The theme song used in Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico is the narcocorrido-style Tuyo (Yours) which was written and performed by Brazillian singer-songwriter Rodrigo Amarante.

As well as being used in the new spin-off series, the song was also used throughout the original Narcos series as well and as a result, became synonymous with the franchise.

It’s only right that something was brought over from the original series and Netflix made the perfect choice in keeping the iconic theme song.

Meaning and translation of the lyrics

The lyrics for Tuyo, the Narcos theme song are the perfect companion to the series as they’re full of hints about the characters in the TV show, illustrating how they’re full of desire, danger and death.

Lyrics below in English and Spanish:

I am the fire that burns your skin,

Soy el fuego que arde tu piel

I am the water that kills your thirst.

soy el agua que mata tu sed.

Of the castle, I am the tower,

El castillo, la torre yo soy

the sword that guards the treasure.

la espada que guarda el caudal.

You, the air that I breathe,

tu el aire que respiro yo

and the light of the moon on the sea.

y la luz de la luna en el mar.

The throat that longs to be choked

La garganta que ansio mojar

that I’m afraid I’ll drown in love.

que temo ahogar de amor.

And which desires you are going to give me.

y cuales deseos me vas a dar

just to look is treasure enough,

mi tesoro basta con mirarlo,

it will be yours, it will be yours.

tuyo será, y tuyo será.

Lyrics translated by Decider.

Narcos: Mexico season 2 arrived on Netflix on February 13th, 2020 and is available to stream now. 

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