Here’s what being a VSCO girl really means and a checklist to get you on your way to perfecting the trend.

Social media is constantly evolving. Every day there seems to be a new trend to keep up with on Instagram, Tik Tok, or YouTube.

Last year saw a new look sweep across all three social media platforms and had young women on the internet everywhere looking to get involved: the VSCO girl trend.

First, there was the Tumblr girl; this slowly evolved into the ‘Insta baddie’ thanks to the likes of the Kardashian-Jenner clan; now the VSCO girl is bringing back the spirit of the mid-2000s to early-10s in a big way.

And it looks like she’s going nowhere in 2020 either!

 Step 1: WTF is VSCO?

VSCO is a picture editing app which has the functionality of Instagram but without any of the social media ‘clout’ that comes with it. Basically, no-one but you can see the number of favourites or followers you have on your VSCO profile.

When Instagram influencers were on the rise, many of them used – and still use – VSCO to edit their pictures.

The app lets you edit your photographs with filters and effects that have the ‘Insta perfect’ look. 

Step 2: Worship Emma Chamberlain 

It’s hard to say where the first VSCO girl came from, as many influencers were there for the rise of the app. But most fingers point towards YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, who has the look down to a T.

Urban Dictionary has dubbed them the “Tumblr girls of 2019” and in some ways the style has just evolved from that era without too many variations.

The skater/surfer vibe is still essential, as is the down-to-earth cool but still quirky nature of the Tumblr girls.

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Step 3: VSCO Girl clothes and outfits

The place to start for all VSCO girls is the accessories.

Two essentials are a pukka shell necklace and tonnes of scrunchies. Scrunchies in your hair, on your wrist as a bracelet – it doesn’t matter!

Next up is the outfit. If the outfit isn’t 100% Brandy Melville, then you’re already going wrong. Brandy Melville should be the official sponsor of the VSCO girl!

The two outfit choices to perfect the look include a crop top and denim shorts or a big oversized t-shirt intended to look like a dress.

The footwear is the most questionable of all of the items of clothing as VSCO girls are trying to do the impossible and make Crocs trendy. We’re not so sure that that’s going to work…

VSCO girls style their Crocs – usually in white with Jibbitz – with long Nike socks. And if they’re not in Crocs, you’ll be sure to find them styling out some checkerboard Vans or Birkenstock sandals.

Step 4: Glitter yourself silly 

Thanks to the influence of Euphoria, now another beauty trend that got sucked up by VSCO girls is glitter. Tonnes of glitter. 

The show was renowned for its make-up looks, which had the tendency to be extravagant. 

Instead, the VSCO girl opts for a dusting of glitter – preferably pink or pastel – across the lids. It adds to that glossy, Insta-perfect look which is necessary to fit the brief. 

For extra sparkle, be sure to use the Kirakira+ app.

Step 5: Complete the checklist and save the world single-handedly

So, we’ve covered the outfits, but the essentials to take into the checklist include the scrunchies, pukka shells, denim shorts and Crocs or Birkenstocks.

But there are more accessories and make-up additions that really emphasise the look.

First, a reusable water bottle, preferably from Hydro Flask and covered in vinyl stickers. You can also have a reusable metal straw to go with the bottle, if you want to go the extra mile in saving the planet.

Cart them both around in a Fjällräven Kånken backpack for extra VSCO girl-ness!

VSCO girls also exclusively use make-up products from Glossier, Carmex and Mario Badescu and when they’re not making videos on Tik Tok, watching Emma Chamberlain on YouTube or editing pics on VSCO, you’ll most likely find them watching Stranger Things or other ‘quirky’ shows.

And don’t forget to document your look with a cute polaroid to top it all off!


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