The Trial of Christine Keeler stars and beyond join the fold for Death in Paradise’s latest mystery.

The Death in Paradise series 9 episode 6 cast is superb!

There’s nothing like bringing new talent aboard a show to communicate to fans that it’s back and better than ever. 

How many TV series can you think of that simply dropped off in content after the first few seasons? Yeah… we can think of plenty too! Indeed, it’s hard work to keep quality up and fans interested as a series goes on and on. Many have failed, but obviously, there are also lots that have succeeded, namely Death in Paradise, now in its ninth series. 

Robert Thorogood’s crime-drama first arrived on screens way back in 2011 and has done a great job of bringing in new faces to enrich the central cast. They’ve recently taken a huge risk bringing in Rich Little to take over for fan-favourite Ardal O’Hanlon, but sometimes you need to be bold. 

He’s a great new addition, but as episode 6 proves, he’s not the only stranger to the series…

Death in Paradise series 9 episode 6 cast

As highlighted by IMDb and the Express here are the Death in Paradise series 9 episode 6 cast members:

  • Shyko Amos as Officer Ruby Patterson
  • Tobi Bakare as Officer J.P. Hooper
  • Aude Legastelois as DS Madeleine Dumas
  • Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker
  • Don Warrington as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson
  • Chloe Harris as Casey Booth
  • Daniel Caltagirone as Will Arnott
  • Sam Troughton as Malcolm Simmons

So, let’s take a close look at the new talent this time around…

Chloe Harris joins Death in Paradise

Chloe Harris stars as Casey Booth in the survival course gone wrong episode. 

Those who recently watched The Trial of Christine Keeler will immediately remember her as Paula in the gripping mini-series. 

However, she’s also starred in such TV shows as The Spanish Princess (she played Bessie Blount), Wanderlust (Emma), Emmerdale (Mel in three episodes), The Village (Agnes Hankin), Call the Midwife (Linda Lanyard), Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators (Stacey Lamb) and Broken (Dianna McEvoy). 

She also played the character of Betsy in the 2018 film The Keeper with David Kross and Freya Mavor. 

Opinion on Sam Troughton joining the mix

It’s great to see Sam Troughton in an episode of Death in Paradise as Malcolm Simmons.

Why? Well, that’s because he’s pretty underrated. Again, we have another great performer from The Trial of Christine Keeler (he played DS John Burrows), but there are plenty of roles where that came from.

He did a fantastic job playing Alexandr Akimov in last year’s critically-acclaimed Chernobyl mini-series and has lent his talents to other notable shows like The Hollow Crown (George), The Town (Jeff), Robin Hood (Much), Vera (Noel) and The Little Drummer Girl (Captain Meadows).

Recent film highlights also include the tightly-wound 2017 horror effort The Ritual (Dom) and Mike Leigh’s masterful Peterloo (Mr. Hobhouse); he worked with the legendary filmmaker previously on 2004’s Vera Drake with Imelda Staunton, the same year he played Thomas Parks in sci-fi blockbuster Alien vs. Predator.

Sam Troughton attends the press night performance of “Beginning” at the Ambassadors Theatre on January 23, 2018 in London, England.

Spotlighting Daniel Caltagirone!

In the role of Will Arnott, we have Daniel Caltagirone. 

You may recognise him as Brutus from the TV series Britannia, but it’s his wealth of film roles which has us most impressed. 

Across his career, the 47-year-old English actor has showcased his talents in such films as Danny Boyle’s The Beach (he played Unhygenix) with Leonardo DiCaprio, 2002’s The Pianist (Majorek) with Adrien Brody, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (Nicholas Petraki), the visually ravishing The Fall (Sinclair/Governor Odious) and more. 

As for TV, he’s been in Medici (Pazzi), Ransom (Inspector Lorenzo Maramoldo), The Tudors (Girolamo de Treviso), Silent Witness (Peter Snelling) and Lock, Stock… (Moon). 

In other news, Year of the Rabbit series 2 has been confirmed.