Everything you must know about how to use the Wonder Box in Pokemon Home to make trades on iOS and Android.

Pokémon Home has finally launched and a lot players are in shock at the new and grand Professor Oak thanks to his dashing long hair and splendid goatee. However, away from this cool granddad, a lot of players are wondering what the Wonder Box feature is and how to use it. Well, the first thing you should know is that it’s exclusive to the iOS and Android version of the app so it can’t be done on Nintendo Switch.

There were lots of complaints about the pricing of Pokémon Home in comparison to its similar predecessor Bank, but these qualms mostly seem to have disappeared now that the app is available to download thanks to the service provides. You can download the app and use it for free, but this is nowhere near as beneficial as subscribing to a Premium Plan.

After all, if you don’t subscribe to the Premium Plan you can’t use the Wonder Box feature as much or as effectively.

What is the Wonder Box in Pokémon Home?

The Wonder Box in Pokémon Home is a trade feature for the app on iOS and Android.

There are various trade features available in Pokémon Home such as the Wonder Box, GTS, Room Trade, and Friend Trade.

GTS is a trade feature which allows you to specify the Pokémon you wish to trade and want to receive so you become compatible with another player, whereas Room Trade allows you to create a Room for – what else – trading Pokémon.

And Friend Trade obviously allows to you make deals with people you’ve accepted as a mate.

As for the Wonder Box, it’s a completely random function which allows you to trade with people by disposing of Pokémon in a Wonder Box and then receiving random Pokémon in-return when said box is picked up by another player.

How to use the Wonder Box in Pokémon Home to trade

You must use the Pokémon Home app on iOS or Android to use the Wonder Box to trade.

The Wonder Box feature can be found in the Trades menu and you’ll be able to place up to three Pokémon provided you’re just using Home for free.

However, if you decide to subscribe to the Premium Plan, you’ll be able to place up to ten Pokémon in one Wonder Box.

Once you’ve placed your chosen Pokémon into the Trade feature, eventually someone else will pick them up and you’ll receive random Pokémon in-return.

It’s a neat feature for when you want to get rid of some Pokémon without needing to haggle. You don’t need to pay a pretty penny to use the feature, but as mentioned before the Premium Plan allows you to dispose of ten Pokémon at once.

Some players are reporting online that their Wonder Boxes aren’t being picked up by anyone for long periods of time, so there may be an issue with the feature at the moment.

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