Tottenham replaced Mauricio Pochettino last year.

Tottenham Hotspur ended an era when they fired Mauricio Pochettino last November.

The Argentine has been reflecting on his stint at Spurs and he says he is proud of his achievements in a difficult time for the club.

He referred to Tottenham’s transition from White Hart Lane to the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and everything which came in between.

Playing at Wembley was particularly difficult for Spurs, and their supporters, to adjust to.

It says a lot about Pochettino and his players and staff, how they were able to maintain a level of consistency throughout.

He told Sky Sports: “I took charge at a pivotal moment for the club.

“Everything I had to do was very scary in those moments. To destroy White Hart Lane and to build a new stadium, to play at Wembley and Milton Keynes, only football people know how difficult it was to deal with these situations.”

Perhaps by the end, all the changes at Tottenham took their toll on Pochettino.

Spurs got stuck in a slump at the start of the season, a post Champions League final hangover, and never recovered.

Football can be a ruthless game, and he was replaced by Jose Mourinho, who is in a job presumably until his side get stuck in a similarly bad run of form.

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