A classic children’s TV character celebrates his birthday today!

Kids’ TV has certainly changed quite dramatically over the decades.

Long gone are the days when puppet-based stop-motion animated shows ruled the roost with slick computer-animated series arriving in their place. 

The late Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin were responsible for a number of classic TV series including The Clangers, Noggin the Nog and Ivor the Engine but arguably their most famous and most-loved creation is a stripey pink and white cat by the name of Bagpuss. 

Bagpuss turns 46! 

That’s right the sleepy and sedate cloth cat turns 46 years old today as February 12th marks the 46-year anniversary since the first episode of Bagpuss hit our screens back in 1974, not bad for a furry feline. 

To celebrate, the BBC Archive Twitter account managed to dig out this classic photo of Bagpuss and his co-creator Peter Firmin.

Fans celebrate Bagpuss’ birthday on Twitter!

Even though Bagpuss is now firmly in his 40s, the loveable cat has been a much-loved favourite for decades and that’s been shown by the outpouring of love for the cloth cat on social media.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Thank you to Bagpuss, the mice and the clock and, above all else, to Peter Firmin. You ingited the collective imagination of an entire generation – or maybe more.”

While another added: “It reminds me of my happy childhood, sitting by the fire all warm and safe with my mum beside me watching Bagpuss :)”

And finally, this fan was relieved to know that the cloth cat was just celebrating his birthday when he popped up on Twitter’s trending page.

Where to watch Bagpuss in 2020

Despite being a much-loved character, Bagpuss has not appeared on our screens since a re-run of the series aired in 2004 (which introduced this writer to the loveable feline).

However, there are still ways to watch Bagpuss even though the cloth cat has not appeared on our TV screens in years.

A number of episodes have appeared on the video-sharing site YouTube, although perhaps contravening copyright laws in doing so. 

Meanwhile, if you want a more above-board way of watching, the Bagpuss series is available on DVD at likes of Amazon and the series is also available to buy and rent digitally. 

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