We imagine their family gatherings morph into an actors roundtable pretty quickly.

Freddie Fox comes from a family of serious screen talent!

The 30-year-old English actor has impressed viewers plenty of times across his career, but most recently he’s blown fans of White House Farm away with his intriguing portrayal of Jeremy Bamber. 

His performance has drawn considerable praise from critics and general audiences, but those familiar with his work will perhaps be less surprised by his skill. 

He’s previously starred in the likes of such films as The Three Musketeers (King Louis), Victor Frankenstein (Finnegan) and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Rubio), as well as TV projects like Year of the Rabbit (Wilbur Strauss) and Cucumber (Freddie Baxter). 

After watching him in White House Farm, many are learning he comes from a family of actors, but it’s not just one or two of them…

Freddie Fox’s family: Meet mum and dad!

The actor’s mother is Joanna David. 

She is best known for her TV work, having starred in the likes of Downton Abbey (she played the Duchess of Yeovil), Bleak House (Mrs. Badger), The Glass (Mary Duggan), 1995’s Pride and Prejudice mini-series (Mrs. Gardiner), First Among Equals (Elizabeth Kerslake) and more. 

The 73-year-old has also starred in such films as The Cleansing Hour (Schoolmarm) and Another Mother’s Son (Maude Vibert). 

As for Freddie’s father, the 82-year-old Edward Fox played The Jackal in 1973’s The Day of the Jackal, General Dyer in 1982’s Gandhi, M in Never Say Never Again and more. The prestigious film actor also boasts TV roles in Taboo (Horace Delaney) and Inspector Lewis (Dr Yardley). 

They’re both terrific screen presences and have been married since 2004. 


His sister is Emilia Fox

They both similarly raised fantastic performers in Freddie and Emilia Fox!

That’s right… the 45-year-old actress Emilia Fox is Freddie’s sister. She’s immensely skilled in her craft, having sculpted excellent performances in such films as Dorian Gray (Lady Victoria Wotton), Cashback (Sharon Pintey) and 2002’s The Pianist (Dorota). 

There’s a wide array of TV work too, with the most recent being The Trial of Christine Keeler (Valerie Profumo). She also reprised the role of Dr. Nikki Alexander in Silent Witness recently and has done so since way back in 2004. 

If you’re a fan of her work, be sure to follow her on Instagram at @emiliarosefox; she currently has 56k followers. In a recent post showing her alongside her brother, she wrote: “I don’t think this has ever happened to us before…my brother Fred and I are both on telly tonight, at the same time, but in different programmes! I am very excited to see him in #whitehousefarm… and the concluding part of this week’s #silentwitness is also at 9 pm…”

That’s pretty damn cool. 

Emilia Fox attends the UK premiere of “The Trial Of Christine Keeler” at Content London on December 04, 2019 in London, England.

Freddie Fox’s family is full of actors

We’re still not finished!

Freddie’s Uncle is James Fox, who appeared in such films as 2013’s The Double (The Colonel), Sherlock Holmes (Sir Thomas Rotheram), Mister Lonely (The Pope) and Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Mr. Salt); TV work includes Death in Paradise (Martin Goodman) and Utopia (Assistant). 

His cousins are Laurence Fox – best known for playing DS James Hathaway in TV series Lewis – and Jack Fox, who played Ralph in British sitcom Fresh Meat

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