Why isn't Midsomer Murders on tonight? Series 21 to take a break from ITV

Midsomer Murders Series 21

Midsomer Murders returned to ITV for its 21st series in 2020 but when will episode 3 hit our screens?

Now in its 21st series, ITV's Midsomer Murders is easily one of the longest-running detective dramas on TV.

The series has been ever-present on our screens since 1997's pilot episode and 2020 has welcomed DCI John Barnaby back to our screens in series 21.

However, just as soon as the new series had begun, fans of Midsomer Murders have been left waiting for more episodes once again.

Midsomer Murders returns for series 21

After ITV drip-fed Midsomer Murders' 20th series throughout 2019 and into January 2020, hopes were high for Midsomer Murders' 21st series when episode 1 released on January 21st with a Strictly Come Dancing-themed episode kicking off the new series. 

However, while most TV series air weekly, it would be a fortnight before episode 2 arrived and now episode 3 is nowhere to be seen in the TV guides for February 11th.

Midsomer Murders s21e2

Why isn't episode 3 on tonight (February 11th)?

There are two reasons why Midsomer Murders is not back on our screens on February 11th.

The first is that Midsomer Murders has been replaced by The BRITs at 40, a documentary on the BRIT music awards. 

Secondly, it would appear that ITV are planning on drip-feeding series 21 of Midsomer Murders just as it did with series 20 before it. 

Midsomer Murders

When will Midsomer Murders be back?

Unconfirmed. ITV has yet to reveal when episode 3 of the new series will air here in the UK and if the series 20 schedule is anything to go by, it could be several months before episode 3 and 4 finally arrive.

Until then though, episodes 1 and 2 of Midsomer Murders' 21st series are available on ITV Hub with other classic series are reportedly available on the streaming service BritBox. 

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