There’s no still no official release date for Minecraft Nether update 1.16, but fans can play a Snaphot while they wait for it to come out.

Mojang still hasn’t announced a concrete release date for when the Minecraft Nether update 1.16 will be coming out, but fans can now play Snapshot 20W06A to get a sample.

This Snapshot includes new biomes (Crimson Forest, Soulsland Valley, and Warped Forest), and it also contains the new Netherite ore that is superior to Diamond.

In order to install and play the Snapshot, you must open the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the Installation tab. Mojang stress that Snapshots do have the possibility of corrupting your world, so you’ll want to back up and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

As for when the Nether update 1.16 will be fully released, all that’s been revealed is that it’s slated for the first half of 2020.

Original story:

Minecon 2019 took place two days ago and it sure was a doozie for the biggest Minecraft fans. Not only was there a September festival announced for next year, but the community also learned that the game will be receiving its biggest update since its launch with the Nether update 1.16.

In addition to the two above announcements, Minecon 2019 was also home to reveals for a Minecraft board game and the news that Minecraft Earth will enter Early Access in select countries this October.

All of that is fantastic news for the community, but when is the Minecraft Nether update 1.16 actually scheduled to arrive?

What is the Minecraft Nether Biome update?

The next huge update for Minecraft was announced at Minecon 2019. This update will drastically change the Nether by adding new biomes, more visual effects for even spookier aesthetics and a new target block.

In case you somehow don’t already know, the Nether is a dangerous otherworldly dimension that can only be accessed by creating a Nether Portal. Only you probably won’t want to go there on your holidays as it’s an environmental hazard swarming with meanie monsters.

As for how the biggest Minecraft update will change it, there will be multiple new biomes added including Soulsand Valley and Netherwart Forest. In addition, there will also be a new hostile civilisation named Piglins.

These are gold obsessed fiends that can be bartered with by throwing gold in their direction. They also won’t attack you if don golden armour unless you’re caught stealing their loot.

In addition to Piglins, there will also be Piglin Beasts. This is a new mob that won’t be swayed or calmed down by the presence of gold.

Minecraft Nether Biome update 1.16 release date

There’s no release date for the Minecraft Nether Biome update 1.16 as of yet, but it is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2020.

While that no doubt sucks for all of us impatient beings who want everything as soon as possible, the good news is that the arrival of bees will provide enough entertainment come the holidays.