It comes as tragic news to her fans all over the world, but Qinni has passed away aged just 29.

The Canadian artist, who’s real name is Qing Han, gained millions of fans for her colourful anime drawings and paintings. 

Her family confirmed on Monday, February 10th that she had passed away suddenly, but for fans of Qinni’s, her passing may come as no surprise considering that she had been battling stage 4 cancer. Qinni had also struggled with a heart condition, for which she had four open heart surgeries.  

What happened to Qinni?

On December 28th, 2019, Qinni announced on Twitter that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Which type of the disease, she did not say. 

Qinni posted: “Got diagnosis today. Cancer, Stage 4, doc says I got about a year or year and a half left.”

In response to all her fans’ words of support and advice, Qinni added:

“Thank you guys all for the messages; I can’t possibly reply to everyone, I apologize. and I know a lot of ppl have a lot of medical advices but please refrain from those; I don’t just have cancer, my heart condition is also pretty terrible and I can’t willy nilly try anything.”

Tragically Qinni did not make it through the entire year she envisaged and passed away suddenly. Her last social media posts were on February 5th, 2020. 

Qinni’s life and legacy

The 29-year-old artist first rose to prominence creating works for the site DeviantArt. She created her account back in 2008. 

Over the past decade, Qinni grew into one of the internet’s most successful artists, amassing over 2million followers on Instagram.

Speaking in 2017 about her rise to fame and DeviantArt, Qinni said: “DA was really the place where I got the encouragement and confidence to try and convince my parents I wanted to become a professional artist, I remember wanting to be just as skilled and well known as some of the artists here and it’s crazy to almost be able to see myself as their peer now.”

No matter how successful Qinni got, she still retained her humble and endearing spirit, one which will live on through her artwork and continue to inspire.  

Now, fans of Qinni have created the hashtag #galaxiesforqinni offering their admiration of the young artist. 


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