TikTok’s Benji Krol responds to nudes leak - “How would you feel”

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TikTok’s Benji Krol is a social media star with over 10 million followers across his social media accounts. And, because of his fame, think it's okay to see him nude without permission. This is not okay.

Leaking nudes is all the range these days. Apparently, it's only celebrities that share pictures of themselves without full clothing and apparently it's the right of the general public to see and share these images.

Whether hacked on iCloud by shameless coding nerds or secretly shared by toothless friends, the result is always the same.

However, the reaction from both the victims and the public has changed in recent years. While shock, horror and shame followed the news of nudes the general public of 2020 has decided that enough is enough and have started to shrug their shoulders exclaiming "so what".

The latest victim is Benji Krol, who has responded expertly on TikTok. Before sharing, receiving or even talking about a nude of someone whether celebrity or not, just imagine if the picture was of you.

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Who is Benji Krol?

Benji is a 19-year-old TikTok star with 6.8 million followers on the platform and over 300 million likes in total.

On Twitter he also has half a million followers combined with over 7000,000 subs on YouTube and 1.5 million fans on Instagram. The likeable dude has built a huge outreach on social media through his relatability and original videos.

According to Famous Birthdays, he is currently based Madrid, Spain, but is originally from Brazil. He also has two brothers.

Benji's response on Instagram

Following the so-called leaks on Twitter, Benji responded with a simple TikTok video.

 In the video, he said:

First of all, you guys are late. Second of all, how would you feel if you walked into school one day and everyone was talking about something you didn't want them to see. It doesn't change you as a person and it is private so try to take other peoples feelings into consideration.

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Responses on Twitter and Instagram

People have rallied in support of Benji echoing his thoughts about taking other's feeling into account.

User StrawberryJayJay said: "Period stop talking about it. Stop sharing it. Stop posting it. Imagine how u would feel it it was you."

While Benjey_is_baby said: 

"I find people who do that (share the video) so disgusting, like I don’t understand what goes through their mind to want to repost something that was private just to get a little bit of clout, something like this could ruin someone’s life, then they brag about having the video and making fun of the person I’m sure is going through a hard time because of it."


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