Many Twitter users would have seen the word ‘Queso’ trending on Tuesday, February 11th 2020.

While most would link the Spanish word for ‘cheese’ to nachos, enchiladas and many more foods, it is actually the name of a much-loved dog.

Queso was part of The Golden Ratio Golden Retrievers who are pretty much internet sensations in themselves.

The owners of Queso and her doggo pals have been dubbed ‘GR Mom and Dad’ and we can imagine that February 11th has been a very sad day for them.

So, who exactly was Queso? And what happened to her?

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The Golden Ratio: Meet Queso

The modern age has seen people’s pets upgraded from simple companion to Insta-famous celebs in their own right.

Queso was one of the pack members of internet sensations – The Golden Ratio. 

The Golden Ratio’s Insta bio reads: “5 golden retrievers living together.”

They’re no ordinary Golden Retrievers, with a podcast, book and 2020 tour dates as accomplishments – they even receive fanmail!

The owners of these pups, ‘GR Mom and Dad’, clearly dedicate a lot of time to carving out careers for their dogs.

However, February 11th saw one of the family cross over the rainbow bridge.

In Instagram and Twitter posts, it was announced that Queso had passed away after her tumour had grown since a previous announcement of her illness.

Fans pay tribute to the Goldie

Being the adorable pup that she was, Queso had a fair few followers online.

Many of her fans took to the internet to pay tribute to the Goldie.

The Dodo wrote on Instagram: “So sorry, GR fam. Queso was such a special pup, and she was so lucky to have you during her golden years. Big Cheese forever!”

Others wrote: “RIP to the biggest bestest dog I’ve had the pleasure of watching on the Internet.”

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