Leeds should look at Sheffield United as inspiration.

Leeds United lost again at the weekend and risk seeing their Championship promotion hopes go up in smoke.

But they still have a great chance despite a poor run of form, and have to back themselves to bounce back.

Meanwhile at the weekend, Sheffield United won again in the Premier League to move into fifth position.

A year ago Leeds and Sheffield United were duking it out to win promotion, battling back and forth for an automatic spot. The Blades clinched it, before Leeds later lost in the play-offs.

It would be easy for Leeds to look at the Blades now with regret and envy that it is not them.

But the Whites need to look at Chris Wilder’s side and have hope.

Instead of having a negative mental attitude about their own failure, Leeds and their players need to think positively at this moment and believe in what is possible.

Sheffield United had their fair share of knock backs during last season’s topsy turvy run in, but came through it.

They shut out the distractions, fought together, and put together a run of results which clinched a top two place.

After getting to the Premier League, they haven’t looked back. The Blades look just as good as many of the many so-called top teams, if not better.

Leeds can compete already, they showed this against Arsenal. They just need to be clinical and have mental strength.

Focusing on ‘what might be possible’, rather than worrying about losing. Concentrating on the rewards, instead of fear of missing out, might help them win again.


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