BBC One’s Doctor Who welcomed a super-fan into the cast of this week’s episode in the form of Aruhan Galieva.

Doctor Who is easily one of the longest-running fictional TV shows of all time and as a result, it’s been the inspiration behind many a writer, filmmaker and actor.

The winning blend of historical figures and sci-fi has been a winning formula since 1963 and the show continues to boast a loyal audience to this day, despite some rocky times recently.

Series 12 arrived in January 2020 and, for the most part, has been a return to form for the time-travelling Time Lord with episode 7 titled ‘Can You Hear Me?’ proving to be another solid entry into the series.

As well as the Doctor’s usual gang of companions, episode 7 added another face to the cast in the form of Aruhan Galieva whose appearance on Doctor Who was a dream come true for the 28-year-old actress.

Doctor Who series 12 episode 7

Can You Hear Me? is an episode that takes some inspiration from series 5’s Amy’s Choice as it revolves around dreams and more specifically, nightmares. 

The episode sees the Doctor drop off her companions back at home before venturing off to 14th century Syria by herself to answer a distress call where she discovers Tahira (Aruhan Galieva), the last survivor of an attack on a hospital-esque temple. 

Meanwhile, the Doctor’s trio of friends quickly realise that something isn’t quite right in their own time and the whole gang, Tahira included, reunite to take on a mysterious new threat that is proving to be a real nightmare for humanity. 

Meet guest star Aruhan Galieva

One of the new additions to the cast for episode 7 is singer and actress Aruhan Galieva (whose full name is Aruhan Bisengalieva). 

Born in August 1991 of Anglo-Kazakh heritage, the 28-year-old made a name for herself as a classical singer as well as turning her talents to the world of acting in recent years. 

While Doctor Who is Aruhan’s seventh acting role to date according to IMDb, it’ll no doubt be the role she’s most fond of.

Aged just 13 when Doctor Who returned to our screens in 2005, Aruhan has been a huge fan of the series and judging by her social media accounts ahead of February 9th’s episode, she was a little bit excited about appearing on the show.

What else has Aruhan Galieva been in before?

While Doctor Who is Aruhan’s biggest role to date, she is starting to make a real name for herself in the industry.

After making her on-screen acting debut in 2012’s series of Whitechapel, Aruhan has gone on to appear in the likes of Black Mirror and Doctors and also had a minor role alongside Jude Law and Kiera Knightley in the film Anna Karenina.

It’ll no doubt be fascinating to see where Aruhan goes from here.

Doctor Who, meanwhile, continues on February 16th with the episode The Haunting of Villa Diodati.

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