Has series 10 of Vera come to an end? Or are there more episodes to come in 2020?

Running for a huge 10 series in 2020, Vera is one of the most-loved British crime dramas going.

The ITV show first kicked off in 2011, and since then, Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope has been solving mystery after mystery.

David Leon and Kenny Doughty star alongside Brenda Blethyn in the crime drama which sees the crime team pick apart murder mystery cases. 

Over seven million UK viewers have tuned in each week to watch the series 10 episodes in 2020. So, is Vera series 10 episode 5 on tonight? Was episode 4, ‘The Escape Turn’, the final one of the series?

Vera series 10 episode 5: Is the ITV show on tonight? 

Unfortunately, Vera won’t be airing on Sunday, February 9th 2020.

It looks like series 10 of ITV crime drama Vera has come to an end after four episodes.

Series 10 kicked off with episode 1, ‘Blood Will Tell’ on Sunday, January 10th 2020. However, the fourth and final episode of the series, ‘The Escape Turn’, aired on February 2nd on ITV.

Airing on January 19th and 26th respectively were episodes 2, ‘Parent Not Expected’, and 3, ‘Dirty’.

Some Vera fans may have expected a fifth episode to air on February 9th 2020, however, the series came to an end as of February 2nd. 

Has Vera been renewed for series 11?

Thankfully, Vera viewers won’t have to wait much longer for another instalment of the murder mystery series.

An eleventh series has been confirmed. 

We can expect series 11 to air around January 2021 and it’s most likely going to consist of four episodes once again.


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