Another exciting year of comic-book adaptations is underway with Harley Quinn’s dazzling return.

Birds of Prey fans are obsessed with Jurnee Smollett-Bell after a truly kickass performance. 

What was the worst movie of 2016?

Looking back there were some real gems to surface that year, from La La Land to Moonlight. It was also a terrific year for superhero cinema, with Deadpool showcasing Ryan Reynold’s infinite charisma and Captain America: Civil War raising the MCU stakes higher than ever before. 

It was also the year that David Ayer’s Suicide Squad was released, which brings us back to the question, what was the worst movie of 2016? 

Yeah, it was probably Suicide Squad. Sure, the film earned some fans, but an overwhelming proportion of audiences felt that the ensemble vehicle missed the mark, with Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker facing much of the backlash. Yet, despite its flaws, most were in agreement that Margot Robbie nailed it as the weird and wonderful Harley Quinn. 

To little surprise, news of her own movie later surfaced, eventually given the somewhat bloated title of Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. 

Jurnee Smollett-Bell in Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey has now reached UK cinemas and Jurnee Smollet-Bell is front-and-centre alongside Margot Robbie’s Harley and her band of all-female misfits. 

The 33-year-old American actress is playing the role of Dinah Laurel Lance, also known as Black Canary. 

Her superpower is the ability to harness hypersonic screams and the performance has already scored praise from audiences, quite rightfully so.

Check out a selection of tweets:





Jurnee Smollett-Bell: Movies & TV

According to IMDb, she first appeared on screens back in a 1991 TV short called Sunday in Paris (she played Alison Chase). 

Obviously, she’s come a long, long way from obscurity. Before Birds of Prey, she starred in a range of movies, including 2018’s One Last Thing (Lucy), Hands of Stone (Juanita Leonard), Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (Judith), The Great Debaters (Samantha Booke), Gridiron Gang (Danyelle Rollins) and more. 

She’s arguably much better known in the realm of TV and is perhaps most famous for playing Nicole Wright in True Blood, Jess Merriweather in Friday Night Lights and Rosalee in Underground. If you’re not familiar with these, you may remember her from Parenthood (Heather Hall), The Defenders (Lisa Tyler), On Our Own (Jordee Jerrico) or Do No Harm (Abby Young). 

As for the future, she’s all set to play Letitia Dandridge in the forthcoming horror drama series Lovecraft Country, which was executive produced by Jordan Peele (Get Out) and J.J. Abrams (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker), amongst others… and yes, it’s a central role! 

Jurnee Smollett-Bell attends the “Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn” World Premiere at the BFI IMAX on January 29, 2020 in London, England.

Follow Jurnee Smollett-Bell on Instagram

If you’re a fan of Jurnee’s work, it’s definitely worth heading over to Instagram. 

You can find her over at @jurneebell; she currently has an impressive 1.1 million followers. There are some great Birds of Prey-related snaps to check out, including a particularly funny one with her beside co-stars Margot Robbie and Ewan McGregor, Harley Quinn hairstyles all-round!

In her most recent post, she wrote: ” At the movies watching #birdsofprey with some of my favourite people in the world. I can’t believe it’s finally here on the big screen!!! Where are you watching it?? @birdsofprey #blackcanary”

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to head out and see Jurnee in action!

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