“How old are you?” It’s a question which many have deemed impolite to ask, that is, once you hit a certain age.

But as an essential part of communicating with and understanding one another, age isn’t just a number. 

Boomers vs. millennials, Gen X vs. Gen Z, old vs. new; a tale as old as time. 

So, with Instagram running out of ideas for their most popular feature of late, the filter quizzes, they have turned to age as their next filter. And a source of comedy as that. 

Here’s how to use the Instagram age filter, plus more hilarious responses we’ve seen so far!

What is the age filter?

The filter is called ‘How old do I look?’ and is one of the latest to take over all of our feed through Instagram Stories.

It is created by Perdy Ferdiansyah from Bandung, Indonesia. Perdy is the founder of Ica Ica Bot, which from the looks of it is an Indonesia social media app. 

You can find Perdy on Instagram @ferdaysss where he already has over 111,000 followers. 

How to use Instagram’s age filter

It’s pretty simple to get your hands on Perdy’s ‘How old do I look?’ filter. If you haven’t already come across the filter from a celebrity’s story or one of your pals, then here’s how to get it. 

All you’ll need to do is head over to Perdy’s Instagram page where he has all of his filters stored. You can find his selection of filters by selecting the middle column with the smiley emoji. 

When you’ve clicked on the age filter, just tap ‘try it’ in the bottom left hand corner and voila

The filter is far from scientifically accurate, so there’s no need to worry if you are considered eight or eighty. It’s likely that if you give it another whirl, you’ll have an extremely different result!

Cheryl’s “harsh” result

There are some who have been offended by the filter so far, notably popstar Cheryl. 

When playing around with the filter, the Geordie star was branded 47 years old, 11 years her senior… and let’s just say she wasn’t all too happy about the result. 

Cheryl reacted to the result by quoting Ru Paul’s Drag UK star Baga Chipz’s iconic line: “That is very, very harsh.” Said in accent and all.


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