You don’t exactly see something like this every day.

Grace Blakeley has attracted significant attention after her appearance on Good Morning Britain. 

LBC radio host Iain Dale walked off the set of ITV’s popular show after he got into a heated debate with both Grace and  Nihal Arthanayake. 

Nihal and Grace were locked in discussion regarding the recent reports on Jonty Bravery, who pushed a child from the Tate Modern in 2019. As highlighted by the Express, Blakeley suggested lack of funding within the care industry for what happened, and Iain Dale disagreed.

He argued that Grace’s stance was “utter rubbish” and said “…it has nothing to do with cuts. This is to do with people doing the sensible thing and reporting…” However, Grace replied: “No you have to have a basic amount of money to be able to actually respond!”

Presenter Iain Dale chairs a Conservative Party leadership hustings event at Carlisle Racecourse on June 29, 2019 in Carlisle, England. Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are the final two MPs…

Grace Blakeley takes to Twitter 

In a recent tweet, she wrote: “Apparently I’m trending… I really feel like people don’t realise that the more outraged they get, the bigger the ratings, and the more I’m invited back on.”

There’s no apparently about it… she’s trending alright!

Many have flocked to Twitter to offer their thoughts, as we’ll see in a moment. In the meantime, let’s spotlight Grace Blakeley for a moment. 


Who is Grace Blakeley?

Grace Blakeley is a British author and economics commentator. 

The 26-year-old was made economics commentator at The New Statesman back in January 2019 and was formerly a research fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research.

She is a member of the Labour party. 

As for her educational background, she achieved a first in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at St Peter’s College, Oxford. Subsequently, she pursued a master’s in African Studies.

Her first book – Stolen: How to Save the World from Financialisation – published last year in September and divided critics.  


Viewers react to Good Morning Britain

As expected, many have taken to Twitter to weigh in their thoughts on it all.

Check out a selection of tweets:







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