ITV’s White House Farm tells the story of the gruesome White House Farm murders but what happened to key character Julie Mugford in the end?

ITV have always had a penchant for creating gripping drama series and their ongoing White House Farm is another prime example.

Not only that but the Wednesday-night series is based on the real-life story of the White House Farm murders which took place in August 1985.

ITV’s White House Farm details the events of the murders themselves as well as following the investigation that followed the heinous killings, for which Jeremey Bamber was sentenced to life in prison.

One character we meet in the White House Farm series is Julie Mugford (played by Alexa Davies), Jeremy Bamber’s girlfriend. 

But after seeming somewhat inconsequential at first, she proves to be the catalyst in a huge twist to the investigation. 

The story of White House Farm

ITV’s drama tells the story of the White House Farm murders that, in August 1985, took the lives of five people.

Police officers initially believed that the incident was a murder-suicide with 28-year-old Sheila Caffell, adopted daughter of June and Nevill Bamber, thought to be behind the killings as she suffered from schizoaffective disorder.

However, in the weeks after the murders took place, new evidence emerged courtesy of Julie Mugford, Jeremy Bamber’s girlfriend, and the investigation took a hugely dramatic turn.

Julie Mugford’s evidence

The White House Farm murders themselves took place over the night of August 6/7th and, as mentioned, police initially believed that it was Sheila Caffell who was responsible in a murder-suicide case.

However, a month after the killings, Julie Mugford (played by Alexa Davies in the series) came forward to police in order to offer up new evidence after she had broken up with Jeremy Bamber which is detailed in episode 5 of the ITV series. 

This new testimony is said to have implicated Jeremy Bamber heavily in the murders, as he is said to have bragged about killing his family and taking their considerable inheritance, and saw the police investigation shift onto the last living member of the murdered family. 

Where is Julie Mugford now?

After testifying against Jeremy Bamber during his trial in the autumn of 1986, which saw Bamber jailed for life, Julie Mugford left the UK to travel.

In 1990, while in Australia at the time, she met Canadian Glen Smerchanski and the pair have since married and moved to Canada.

As of a report in 2011, Julie, now known as Smerchanski, has two children and is a charity worker and deputy head of a primary school in Winnipeg.

Jeremy Bamber, meanwhile, is still in prison but protests his innocence to this day and has had several appeals to re-examine the case turned down.

ITV’s White House Farm concludes on February 12th at 9pm with episodes 1-5 all available to stream via ITV Hub.

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