After months of airing, the advert still has some viewers stumped.

The identity of the Kenco 2019 advert actress has been debated ever since it began airing. 

Love it or hate it, it’s still gonna be on telly again and again…

We reckon most will have seen the New Kenco Duo advert more times than they’ve actually had a coffee since it surfaced back in October 2019. 

The ad features a woman giving a demonstration of how to conjure up the perfect, quick coffee courtesy of Kenco. It’s a fun little bit of advertising, of which we’ve witnessed countless times now.

However, no matter how many times it’s been on, some still feel uncertain as to who the actress that features centre-stage is.  

Let’s get this settled!

Kenco advert stirs debate

A  number of viewers have taken to Twitter to offer their thoughts and vent their confusion. 

A fair few are convinced that she is English actress and comedian Katy Brand! Check out a selection of tweets: 



Kenco Duo advert actress (2019)

The actress who features in the 2019 Kenco advert is actually Emily Houghton. 

Any Call the Midwife fans here?

Well, Emily actually starred in an episode back in 2017. She played the character of Mrs. Evans. So, to repeat, it’s definitely not Katy Brand!

The other actress alongside her is Emma Bentley. Check out a tweet from her below:


Emily Houghton: Previous roles

According to IMDb, she first appeared on screens in a 2010 episode of Doctors (she played Spooky Girl). 

She went on to star in numerous notable TV shows, including Threesome (Surgery Mum), Inspector Lewis (PC Kate Ballard) and Something’s Wrong (Laura). 

Additionally, she’s been in a number of shorts, including 2014’s Zombie Life Skills (Mildred Moffat), Red Reflections (Daisy) and Curtain (Amy). Gamers will also be interested to know that she lent her vocal talents to voice the likes of Feder, Tarlene, Waltz, Shrieker and more in the 2017 video game Divinity: Original Sin II

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