The series has earned considerable praise since it arrived on Netflix.

The Pharmacist covered so much, but where is Jeffrey Hall now?

It’s rare that a show manages to sustain intrigue from start to finish, but this gripping Netflix documentary series pulls it off with ease.  

Four-part documentary The Pharmacist landed on Netflix on Wednesday, January 5th 2020 and paints a compelling portrait of Dan Schneider’s fight for justice. Throughout the episodes, insightful interviews, footage and documentation show the father’s struggle to catch his son’s killer and take on tackle the opioid epidemic.

Danny Schneider Jr. was shot and killed during a drug deal, and Dan’s dissatisfaction with police proceedings led him to seek out those responsible himself. 


The Pharmacist: Jeffrey Hall 

The case of finally caught a break when a woman revealed that she had witnessed the incident and, in fact, knew the identity of the culprit. As noted by The Sun, it also happened to be her best friend’s son. 

The witness of the shooting was not named, but the previous source outlines that she and Dan spoke a handful of times, and he was persistent in urging her to inform the authorities of her account. 

She eventually did, which causes a whirlwind of trouble and resulted in her entering witness protection ahead of the trial.

On May 14th 2000, the police arrested Jeffrey Hall and he pleaded guilty. Where is he now?

Where is Jeffrey Hall now?

Considering the length of his sentence, it’s highly likely that Jeffrey will now be out of prison. 

The earlier source [The Sun] highlights that he was given a 15-year sentence for manslaughter.

He was 15-years-old. 

Heavy acknowledge that Jeffrey Hall actually came forward as a witness to the crime once reward money of $10,000 was posted. He told officials that the crime was carried out by a man named “Scar Face.” Yet, when police went to arrest the suspect they discovered that he was already in jail at the time.

Of course, Jeffrey was eventually found out.


The Pharmacist causes confusion

It’s a great documentary, but it left some wanting more answers…

In a tweet, one viewer wrote [see above]: “Why did Jeffrey kill Dan Schneider? The Pharmacist doesn’t actually say why he did it… Plus, surely Jeffrey should have got murder, not manslaughter?”

One commenter replied: “It’s implied that it was gang-initiated/status related by Jeffery and Shane. Jeffery talks about beginning that lifestyle after his mom burned him; Shane tells Dan it was ‘peer pressure’ and Dan asks if Jeffrey just needed to kill someone and she says yes.”

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