Netflix’s latest is the most gripping documentary of the year so far.

Audiences are hailing The Pharmacist’s Dan Schneider, but where is he now?

It’s safe to say that Netflix is confident when it comes to putting out the best documentaries. 

Last year was massive for the popular streaming service and they delivered some of their most satisfying originals to date. However, we’d argue that the it’s the realm of documentaries in which they truly knocked it out of the park. They gave us the likes of Fyre, American Factory, Tell Me Who I AmDon’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer, The Great Hack, The Black Godfather and so many more gems. 

There are no signs of slowing in 2020 though, thankfully!

They’ve delivered new seasons of such favourites as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and BoJack Horseman, new series like The Stranger and critically-acclaimed films such as Uncut Gems. With documentaries, they also continue their hot streak.

Let’s dive deeper into The Pharmacist… 

Dan Schneider in The Pharmacist

Not all heroes wear capes…

This four-part documentary series arrived on Netflix on Wednesday, January 5th 2020 and introduced many to the incredible story of Dan Schneider, who did all in his power to tackle the opioid epidemic. 

Through interviews, recorded dialogue, footage and beyond, we chronicle Dan’s struggle after the death of his son – Danny Schneider Jr. – after he was shot and killed going to buy drugs. 

The humble pharmacist decided he would try to find those responsible for the murder, but that was just the beginning. 

His investigation kickstarted an awakening, and he continued to explore the origins of addiction and the disturbing links this had to illegal prescriptions and big business. 

He’s absolutely fascinating, but let’s take a look beyond the documentary. 

Where is Dan Schneider now?

According to The Cinemaholic, Dan remains incredibly compassionate and keen to give back to the community, still helping others to this day. 

After Hurrican Katrina destroyed his family home, he moved over to the North Shore suburb in Mandeville, creating a new life. But, of course, all of the evidence he painstakingly attained during his investigation is still dear to him, and still in his possession. 

The same source includes that they are labelled as follows: “Tunnel of Hope”, “Dr. Cleggett WWEP”, and “Danny Murder Investigation”. They remain, but they are now a memory from a chapter in his life; he very rarely sifts through the contents.

As for work, he is semi-retired at the moment but does occasionally take up duties at Bradley’s, which features in the documentary. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening and spending time with his two grandchildren – happiness entirely earned. 

Dan Schneider opens up

In a 2017 interview – according to Heavy – he admitted that he thought negatively of a similar case of three young men being killed in a drug deal prior to the events explored in The Pharmacist. Although not outright expressing it at the time, he revealed that he thought the victims should’ve known better to get involved. 

However, as the documentary shows, his son’s murder urged him to delve deeper into the cause of such behaviour. Drugs have the frightening power to change how people act and think, with heartbreaking consequences. 

As for crime in general, speaking to WDSU, he discussed his belief that people should stand up: “I wasn’t thrilled with the job the police did, but I have some compassion for them… They have a big job and without the community helping them, we’re not going to cut down on these murders and car robberies, so stand up.”

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