A basic guide for how to open safes in Zombie Army 4 Dead War to get extra items.

Zombie Army 4 Dead War has launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store for PC. Much like its revered trilogy, the game has largely been praised as a “brutally satisfying zombie carnage” thanks to its chaos, destruction and fun. If you’re experiencing the 1940s zombieland and are wondering how to open safes, this guide will give you the gist of what you need to do.

There are lots of collectibles to get in Zombie Army 4 Dead War including upgrade kits, documents and comics. These deserve their own location guides for how to find and collect which is why this guide strictly pertains to how to open safes.

How to open safes in Zombie Army 4 Dead War

You must complete puzzles in order to open safes in Zombie Army 4 Dead War.

These safes provide items such as grenades and cosmetics, but there’s no way of knowing in advance which ones gift the best and most sought after gear.

As for the puzzles that need to be completed, they largely vary in difficulty when it comes to being easy or hard.

There’s a real simple puzzle in level 2 that requires you to shoot a bunch of Christmas lights. These lights all have letters above them with ‘Brains’ posted everywhere on the opposite wall, so the obvious thing to do is to shoot the corresponding letters in order.

Meanwhile, there are some harder ones such as in level 8 where you need to shoot five rats. This is difficult because the rats can be hard to spot, but just look out for red blinking lights.

This is only two examples for how to open safes in Zombie Army 4 Dead War. You’ll largely find obvious clues and hints next to or near about the safes you wish to open, so it’s all about being observant when it comes to details in the environment.

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