Audiences are swiftly falling for the dazzling actress.

Lex Scott Davis is the new obsession for fans of The L Word.

You don’t see praise like this every day… but then again, we imagine she does!

It’s always exciting when a beloved show is unexpectedly resurrected. We’ve seen it a few times recently, with perhaps the most exciting (and certainly unexpected) example being Twin Peaks.

However, fans of The L Word were also given the opportunity to rekindle their relationships with longstanding favourites lately. Showtime’s hit series ran for six sensational seasons from 2004 to 2009. It ended pretty well, but obviously, when you grow attached to characters it’s inevitable that you’ll miss them. 

Diehard fans have been hoping for a new season for ages, and their prayers were answered with the sequel series The L Word: Generation Q. It reunites us with old favourites, but it’s the newcomers which have generated the most discussion… 

Lex Scott Davis in The L Word: Generation Q

Lex Scott Davis plays the character of Quiara in The L Word: Generation Q.

She’s Shane’s wife. 

A number of fans have taken to Twitter to highlight their obsession with the 28-year-old American actress. Check out a selection of adoring tweets: 






Lex Scott Davis: Movies & TV

Where have we seen her before?

Well, according to IMDb, she first appeared on screens in a 2014 short film called Two Strangers, closely followed by another short called Colorblind, in which she played the role of Lili. 

Her first TV role came a year later in The Exes (she played Waitress). She would go on to star in an episode of a series called Tales (Angie), but her biggest TV role was in Training Day, which saw her reprise the character of Alyse Craig across eight episodes. 

You horror fans out there may also recognise her as Nya in the 2018 sequel The First Purge, but if scary movies aren’t your thing then perhaps you’ll recall she played Georgia in the action thriller SuperFly that released the very same year. Other film roles include Keisha James in Foster Boy, as well as forthcoming parts in such efforts as Sweet Girl, For Love and Son of the South

SAN DIEGO — “The Purge Panel” — Pictured: Lex Scott Davis —

Follow Lex Scott Davis on Instagram

If you’re a fan, you know what to do…

You can find Lex over on Instagram at @scottyeye; she currently has a whopping 116k followers. 

In a post addressing her role in The L Word: Generation Q, she wrote: “So last week I heard some of you were FINALLY introduced to Quiara … been keeping this a secret for so long!! Excited to be part of the New Generation of #TheLWord on #Showtime. Tune in on Sunday’s (tomorrow) for @sho_thelword to see s**t get out of control…in a good way of course.”

She’s great on the show, and now we have news of its renewal, we can’t wait to spend even more quality time with Quiara!

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