If you thought using the lyrics “gang, gang” over and over again would at some point become tired and overused, you’d be wrong.

Once again, a song has creatively taken the phrase and thrown it in a song without any context. And now it’s everywhere on our feeds thanks to a TikTok video which has made it go viral. 

But what actually is the ‘Gang Gang’ song?



♬ gang gang – luciana.bella

 ‘Gang Gang’ goes viral 

Dance routines are one of the most popular types of videos to go viral on TikTok. 

Dancers – amateur or pro – have made a name for themselves on the internet, thanks to the popularity of these viral dance videos. For example, Charli D’Amelio now has well over 23 million followers, all of who obsess over her fifteen second long routines. 

Charli is one of the TikTok stars who has popularised the ‘Gang Gang’ song and dance routine. Many now have also taken to their TikTok to recreate it.  

What is the ‘Gang Gang’ song?

Contrary to the repetitive lyric used in the song, it is not called ‘Gang Gang’. 

In fact, the song is called ‘Blackout’ and is by Lil Kapow. 

Not much is yet known about Lil Kapow. He has yet to release an album but has been releasing singles since 2017 on Spotify, Soundcloud and the like. ‘Blackout’ was released in 2019. 

You can catch all of Lil Kapow’s music on those streaming sites and follow him on Instagram @lilkapow27


when i saw this i instantly wanted to do it#fyp #foryou

♬ BLACKOUT – Lil Kapow


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