Sky One’s Avenue 5 is the latest creation from Armando Iannucci.

Armando Iannucci is famed for creating some of the best and most-loved comedies of the past 15 years. 

From The Thick of It and In the Loop to Veep and The Death of Stalin, Iannucci boasts one heck of a CV.

His most recent TV creation is the HBO and Sky series Avenue 5 and for the first time, Armando takes on the world of sci-fi.

In typical fashion, the series contains a whole host of quirky characters who all add to the building insanity in the show.

Bucking that trend, however, is the slightly more sensible Bille McEvoy played by Lenora Crichlow. 

What is Avenue 5 about?

Avenue 5, set 40 years in the future, follows the adventures of the titular luxury space cruise ship.

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All is going well aboard the Avenue 5 until a huge systems failure flings the cruise ship massive off course and leaves its crew and passengers three years away from Earth but with only enough provisions for the original eight-week trip.

Naturally, all hell breaks loose and it is up to Captain Ryan Clark (Hugh Laurie) to calm the ship’s passengers and work out a solution to get home. 

Meet Billie McEvoy actress Lenora Crichlow

As the passengers and crew of the Avenue 5 descend more and more into madness, one figure stands out as the voice of reason, Billie McEvoy, the second engineer aboard the Avenue 5.

Billie McEvoy is played by 35-year-old British actress Lenora Crichlow. 

Born in London, Lenora Crichlow has been on the acting career path from the age of 12 when she joined the Young Blood Theatre Company in Hammersmith before going on to study drama at the University of Sussex.  

What has Lenora Crichlow been in?

Lenora’s first on-screen acting role came at the age of 19 when, in 2004, she appeared alongside Billie Piper in the TV film Bella and the Boys before going on to appear in 12 episodes of ITV’s The Bill in the same year.

In the 16 years since then, Lenora has appeared in almost 30 acting roles in film and TV with her true breakout role coming in 2006’s Sugar Rush for which she won the 2006 International Emmy Award in the Children And Young People category.

Her most prominent roles since then have come in the likes of Doctor Who, Being Human, Black Mirror, Back in the Game and Deception. 

Season 1 of Avenue 5 continues with episode 3 at 10pm on Sky One on Wednesday, February 5th. 

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