We expect to see him appear on many more hit shows in the years to come.

It’s back, but who plays Reggie in Call the Midwife? 

What a series!

So far, the ninth batch of episodes has gone down an absolute treat with fans. This year, we’ve already been treated to some expertly crafted new dramas, but sometimes you just can’t beat being reunited with some friendly and familiar faces. 

Created by Heidi Thomas and based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, this period TV series centres in on midwives working in London in the 1950s and into the 1960s. Since 2012, audiences haven’t been able to get enough!

In the beginning, an ensemble cast accompanied us into the year 1957, and since then we’ve grown and followed these characters through so much, chronicling the years. 

Obviously, not all of the beloved characters were there from the very start. Some joined later, but nevertheless, they’re just as loved as the key players…

Who plays Reggie in Call the Midwife?

Reggie in Call the Midwife is played by Daniel Laurie. 

Call the Midwife boasts so many wonderful screen talents and Daniel has proven that he’s up there with the very best.

The phenomenal actor – who is in hid mid-twenties – has cemented himself as somewhat of a fan-favourite over the years, having been on the show since as far back as season 6. 

Since then, his performance has attracted so much praise, especially on social media, with one Twitter user tweeting out in December 2019: “I love Reggie on Call the Midwife. He is one of the strongest men, the goodest souls, portrayed on television. He happens to have Down syndrome and everything he brings to his character, every episode, makes me emotional bc he is a superb actor. More Down syndrome rep please!”


Daniel Laurie: Movies & TV 

According to IMDb, Daniel first appeared on screens back in 2016 in the TV series Stella. He plays the role of Jamie across a number of episodes of the comedy-drama, which is definitely worth checking out. 

Next up… it’s Call the Midwife!

As you know, he’s been working on the show for a good few years now. 

He also recently starred in the much-loved series Vera starring Brenda Blethyn! If you head over to his Twitter there’s some great content there (see below post).  

That’s not all though, as he’s also lent his talents to the 2020 TV pilot for an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower (he plays Sheemie), as well as drama series Finding Alice (Zack).

Daniel Laurie opens up

As highlighted by Lynn News, Daniel has opened up about his experiences working on the show: “I’ve loved playing Reggie and showing everyone everything that people like Reggie and I can bring to others’ lives.”

He continued: “I love being an actor and I would certainly recommend it as a job, they say all you have to do is speak up, but really most of the hard work comes before the audition. Preparation is vital, preparation is everything, be prepared… I have had to work hard to learn my lines, make my speech clearer and my body stronger, but when I’m actor, I’m appreciated, when I’m acting, I’m the same as everyone else.”

Inspirational stuff!

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