It’s shaping up to be one of the most impressive seasons yet.

Midsomer Murders season 21 episode 2 delivers more exciting and familiar faces. 

If a season is only ever as good as its start, fans have nothing to worry about…

They’ve been diving headfirst into a pool of intrigue with Midsomer Murders since way back in 1997, and in 2020, it’s still fresh with ideas and top performances. 

Based on Caroline Graham’s books, the show has long been a TV gem, and one of the key reasons for that is because of the team’s ability to bring in new talent. You don’t run for this many seasons without shaking things up!

Season 21 episode 1 was a brilliant reintroduction to it all, bringing in guest stars from Nigel Havers to Jaye Griffiths. Thanks to its enduring legacy, it’s no surprise that so many are still keen to feature in an episode and there’s plenty more where that came from with episode 2. 

Midsomer Murders season 21 episode 2 cast

Here are the cast members of Midsomer Murders season 21 episode 2, as noted by IMDb:

– Tom Anderson as Forensic Officer

– Annette Badland as Fleur Perkins

– Roger Barclay as Alexander Beauvoisin

– Katy Brand as Jemima Starling

– Eleanor Bron as Maxine Dobson

– Lee Byford as Police Officer

– Karl Collins as Samuel Wokoma

– Lucie Cooper-Jones as Parent

– Rosalie Craig as Carys Nicholson

– Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby

– Thomas Dominique as Wesley Peters

– Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby

– Michael Haydon as Police Officer

– Nick Hendrix as DS Jamie Winter

– Clare Holman as Fiona Beauvoisin

Katy Brand stars in The Miniature Murders

English actress Katy Brand plays the role of Jemima Starling in episode 2, titled The Miniature Murders. 

She is perhaps best known for the ITV2 series Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show, but if you’re not familiar with it, we’re sure you’ll recognise her from a number of shows. 

Across her career, she’s been in Peep Show (she played Lucy), Mongrels (Kali), Psychobitches (various), Drunk History: UK (Queen Elizabeth), Hank Zipzer (Kathleen Murray) and The Coroner (Debs Luscombe). 

She’s also starred in a number of films, including 2014’s Walking on Sunshine (Lil), Svengali (Katya) and Nanny Mcphee Returns (Miss Turvey). 

Katy Brand pictured tonight at the Costa Book Awards at Quaglino’s on January 28, 2020 in London, England.

Eleanor Bron returns! 

In the role of Maxine Dodson, we have the wonderful Eleanor Bron. 

The 81-year-old English actress will certainly be no stranger to fans of The Beatles, as she played Ahme in the 1965 film Help!

Not that this is her only claim to fame, obviously… she has starred in a wide range of TV projects, including Absolutely Fabulous (she played Patsy’s Mother), Vanity Fair (Lady Bareacres), The Ruth Mendell Mysteries (Rosario), Fat Friends (Marilyn Harris) and Casualty 1909 (Miss De Burgh). 

As for films, it’s worth highlighting that she was in The House of Mirth (Mrs. Julia Peniston), Wimbledon (Augusta Colt), A Little Princess (Miss Minchin) and Black Beauty (Lady Wexmire). 

We say she’s returned because she actually appeared in Midsomer Murders briefly as Izzy DeQuetteville back in a 2012 episode titled The Dark Rider. 

Actress Eleanor Bron in a scene from episode ‘Magazine’ of the BBC television sitcom ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, March 18th 1992.

Thomas Dominique as Wesley Peters

Wesley Peters is played by Thomas Dominique. 

He has been in such TV shows as Top Boy (he played Jordan), Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators (Wayne Mckenzie), Blood Drive (Christopher Carpenter), Black Mirror (Roadie), Undercover (Big Ray) and Navarro (Jacquard). 

Along with the regular cast and beyond, these three make episode 2 just a bit more special.  

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