The series boasts a wonderful range of lovable characters.

More Team Kaylie has arrived and it’s Kai Calhoun’s time to shine!

This charming new series from Tracy Bitterolf centres upon a 19-year-old billionaire named Kaylie (played by Bryana Salaz) who is forced to participate in community service. What does she have to do? Well, she has to take charge of the Wilderness Club.

The club has been formed at a middle school, and while the task initially seems like a disaster, she soon gets to know the group of kids as true friends. 

Episodes first arrived on Netflix on Monday, September 3rd 2019, with another six episodes made available on Monday, December 2nd. 

Now, a nine-episode part 3 has arrived to tuck into!

Team Kaylie introduces Kai Calhoun 

The recently unveiled episodes of Team Kaylie have gone down an absolute treat with fans. 

Again, the cast all do a terrific job, but Ray Ray (played by Kai Calhoun) is increasingly becoming a highlight as the episodes go on. One viewer recently wrote on Twitter: “Ray Ray from Team Kaylie is my spirit animal.”

Similarly, another added: “Ray Ray is my favourite Team Kaylie character. Sorry, not sorry @bryanasalaz,” while one also tweeted out about the actor: “This young man never stops working hard! Bringing his brilliant comedy to the role of Ray Ray on Netflix’s NEW show Team Kaylie! So proud of you Kai!”

The character of Ray Ray served as an introduction to Kai’s talents for many, as according to IMDb, his only previous role was that of Male Officer (Child) in 2018’s When the Seasons Change


Kai Calhoun: Check out his YouTube channel

That’s right!

Kai has his own YouTube channel: Kai Calhoun.  

He currently has 7.14k subscribers and a wide range of videos available to watch. The video currently on his featured is titled ‘Teaching my SUBscribers how to DANCE’ and has 3.3k views. 

There are a bunch of Team Kaylie related videos to dig into, including ‘TEAM KAYLIE SEPT 23RD!!’, ‘we got pulled over w/ Bryana Salaz’ and ‘i’m gonna be on Netflix Q&A’. 

Also, in case you were wondering his age, Famous Age highlights that he’s 13 years old. 

Follow Kai Calhoun on Instagram!

If you’re a fan, be sure to check out his Instagram page. 

You can find him over at @imkaicalhoun; he currently has 7,160 followers. 

There are a number of posts on there revolving around Team Kaylie, including some cool on-set photos. Be sure to have a look!

In the meantime, we hope you’re enjoying the new episodes.  

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