The actor once again proves he’s one of the most exciting working today.

Many are wondering if Daniel Kaluuya has a girlfriend after seeing him return to screens in Queen & Slim

The 30-year-old English actor is a sensational talent who continues to deliver one great performance after another. According to IMDb, he first appeared in the 2006 film Shoot the Messenger, going on to star in other projects such as the 2008 film Cass and popular series Silent Witness

Many were introduced to him through his role as Posh Kenneth on Skins, but he is best known as a film actor, having starred in the likes of Welcome to the Punch (he played Juka Ogadowa), Kick-Ass 2 (Black Death), Sicario (Reggie Wayne), Black Panther (W’Kabi) and Widows (Jatemme Manning). 

His star turn, on the other hand, arguably came in Jordan Peele’s 2017 horror masterclass Get Out, which earned him a Best Actor Academy Award nomination – and rightfully so. 

Audiences are currently flocking to see Melina Matsoukas’ Queen & Slim, telling the compelling tale of lives turned upside down after a first date spirals into a manhunt. Daniel and Jodie Turner-Smith boast astonishing chemistry as the two titular leads, but who is his girlfriend in real life?

Snake Eyes | Final Trailer (2021 Movie) | Henry Golding, G.I. Joe

Daniel Kaluuya attends the “Queen & Slim” UK Premiere at Rich Mix Cinema on January 28, 2020 in London, England.

Daniel Kaluuya girlfriend rumours

Most believe that the actor’s girlfriend is Amandla Crichlow.

As highlighted by Oprah Magazine, they are an unconfirmed couple, but have been seen at awards ceremonies and events for a while now (see tweet below). 

Daniel has never explicitly mentioned that they are boyfriend and girlfriend in interviews, but fans suspect that they simply favour their privacy. 

Glamour Fame notes that the rumours circulated after they went to the MTV Movie & TV Awards together in May 2017. That’s not all though, as she also accompanied him to the 2018 Golden Globes, the Academy Awards, SAG Awards, the NAACP Awards and also the Black Panther premiere. 

So, it’s not like ideas of their relationship are unwarranted. Sometimes a picture can speak a thousand words…


Get to know Amandla Crichlow

She worked as an actress, first appearing on screens in Prime Suspect 7: The Final Act (she played Gloria) back in 2006. After that, she starred in Holby City (Sue Chen), The Bill (Alisha Danniels) and two short films, with the last credited on IMDb being Anonymous in 2012. 

However, Oprah Magazine acknowledges that she’s now widely known as a producer, working for companies such as Framestore and Tiger Aspect. You can check out her LinkedIn here. 

They also include that she’s working on a live-action Barney & Friends movie along with Daniel and others… we’re certainly intrigued about that one!

As for her family, it’s worth adding that she’s the sister of actress Lenora Crichlow, who some will know from the likes of Black Mirror and Being Human. Their father is famous black activist Frank Crichlow. 


Is Amandla Crichlow on Instagram?

Yes, Amandla Crichlow is on Instagram, but there’s a catch…

It’s on private!  

You can find her over at @amandlacrich; she currently has 142 followers. However, even if she did accept your follow request, there wouldn’t be much to look at anyway. She literally has no posts!

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