Zombie Army 4 Dead War is an Epic Games Store exclusive at launch meaning its Steam release date is even further away.

The pulpy, silly and simply fun to play Zombie Army 4 Dead War is launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store on February 4th. Unfortunately, the title is a launch exclusive to the latter PC storefront, meaning Steam loyalists have a much further away release date to anticipate.

Zombie Army 4 Dead War has received largely positive previews with many agreeing that it’s “classic zombie mayhem“. It’ll come with a lot of post-launch content in which the plans have been shared, and it’ll largely just be a fun co-op nightmare for those who enjoy shooting the living dead.

But, unlike its trilogy, the game will not be on Steam at launch. Like many other titles it’ll be an Epic Games Store exclusive, and – during interviews at E3 2019 – Rebellion had shared how long it’ll be in an exclusive relationship and why they had penned the deal.

Will Zombie Army 4 Dead War be on Steam?

The release date for Zombie Army 4 Dead War on Steam will be 12 months after its February 4th, 2020 launch on the Epic Games Store.

This means the title will be free to land on the Steam platform in February 2021.

Speaking to PC Gamer in an interview during E3 2019, the CEO and creative director of Rebellion, Jason Kingsley, had said that “On PC it’ll be a 12-month exclusive”.

Although the Epic Games Store receives a lot of slander from people who’d prefer not to use it, a lot of outlets are in agreement that exclusivity deals with the storefront have been successful for video games.

Why is Zombie Army 4 Dead War an Epic Games Store exclusive at launch?

During the same interview with PC Gamer at E3 2019, Kingsley explained why Rebellion chose to make Zombie Army 4 Dead War an Epic Games Store exclusive at launch.

He acknowledged that exclusivity deals with Epic Games “upsets a few people,” but he admitted that the deals make sense from a competitive point-of-view for Epic Games.

“I think that Epic, from their perspective, they’ve got to fight against someone who’s incredibly dominant in the market space. One of the ways they can do that is by offering something exclusive.

It makes sense from their perspective, and it upsets a few people. And maybe upsetting a few people isn’t necessarily bad, because it gets you attention as well.”

As for why Rebellion chose to make Zombie Army 4 Dead War a part of the Epic Games Store line-up of exclusives at launch, Kingsley stated that it had to do with marketing.

“One of the challenges for us making games, and a challenge for any indie studio, anybody that doesn’t have a huge amount of money to spend on marketing, is discovery. How do you get people to even know your great game exists?

They offered us a ton more support than we were going to be able to give the game ourselves in terms of marketing, so it’s been a very good experience. It comes with some downsides. Some people don’t like what Epic are doing, and I understand why, but it’s been very good for the project. It’s been very good for us.”

It’s a shame Zombie Army 4 Dead War won’t be on Steam at launch as its trilogy is highly revered on the platform. With that being said, there is the silver-lining in that it will eventually arrive on the storefront. The issue is that it will be a long wait.