Silent Witness series 23 comes to a dramatic conclusion this week.

Despite the show currently airing its 23rd series, BBC One’s Silent Witness remains almost as popular as ever with viewers tuning in in their millions.

The success of the show comes, in no small part, thanks to its continuing variety, apart from the leading cast members each episode features a totally new cast of characters and a fascinating murder case to solve.

It’s been a recipe for success since 1996 and it’s something that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

On the downside though, series 23 of Silent Witness is very close to coming to an end with episodes 9 and 10 now upon us but just who’s set to appear in the series finale?

The story of episodes 9 and 10

The season finale of Silent Witness’s 23rd series starts off as any episode does but quickly ramps up the stakes.

Thomas is sent to investigate the death of Private John Healy, a soldier who died during a military training exercise.

His death is suspected to involve exposure to CS gas (tear gas), after it appears that the victim died from an aneurysm.

However, when Thomas discovers traces of a possible nerve agent in his system, Healy’s family, fearing a cover-up, demand answers about his death.

Who’s in the cast?

As with all episodes of Silent Witness, the regular Lyell team are joined by a host of guest stars.

Main cast

  • Emilia Fox as Dr Nikki Alexander

  • Richard Lintern as Dr Thomas Chamberlain

  • David Caves as Dr Jack Hodgson

  • Liz Carr as Clarissa Mullery

  • Michael Landes as Matt Garcia

Guest stars

  • Daniel Weyman as Max Thorndyke

  • Will Stevens as Private John Sealy

  • William Ash as Major Mark Sealy

  • Clare Higgins as Professor Katherine Dukes

  • Ben Bailey Smith (aka. Doc Brown) as Lt Col Ben Carmichael

  • Richard Durden as Conor Hodgson

  • Ash Tandon as DI Karl Guyatt

  • Adelle Leonce as DS Lucy Vail

  • Dan Parr as Edmund ‘Fish’ Fishbourne

  • Robert East as Henry Young

  • Tina Chiang as Simone Taylor 

Guest star spotlight 

This week we will be taking a closer look at guest stars William Ash, Clare Higgins and Ben Bailey Smith aka. Doc Martin.  

William Ash – William Ash takes on the role of Major Mark Healy in Silent Witness, the father of John Healy whose death kick-starts the events of episodes 9 and 10.

Ash will be a face many are familiar with thanks to almost 60 film and TV appearances since 1987. In that time, his biggest roles have come in the likes of Waterloo RoadMaking Out and The Tunnel among others.

Clare Higgins – Clare Higgins is a veteran of over 75 acting roles and is one of the few actors in Silent Witness history to appear on the show multiple times in different roles. In total, she’s appeared as two different characters since first appearing in 1996 and while most guests appear in just two episodes, she’s already appeared in eight before her season 23 appearance.

Other major roles for Clare Higgins include The Worst Witch, Ready Player One, Doctor Who and much more. 

Ben Bailey Smith – Better known as his stage name, Doc Brown, Ben Bailey Smith takes on the role of Lt Col Ben Carmichael in Silent Witness and closely liaises with the Lyell team as they work on the case. 

While he’s arguably best known for being a rapper, Doc Brown has had an impressive acting career to date with appearances also coming in the likes of Britannia, Doctor Who, Fleabag and Hunted among other things.

Silent Witness episode 9 airs at 9pm on BBC One on Monday, February 3rd while the 10th and final episode hits our screens at the same time on February 5th.  

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