Perhaps this will always be one of TV’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

Hollyhock’s letter is destined to haunt BoJack Horseman fans for a very long time. 

Well, we guess Netflix just didn’t fancy doing the BoJack for a few more years!

When Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s animated series first arrived on the streaming service back in 2014, perhaps nobody could have predicted the sheer impact it would have on the lives of so many. 

To say this is a show that many viewers cherish would be a total understatement. These are characters that we’ve grown to genuinely love across six seasons, and it’s such a shame that we won’t be able to spend more time with them beyond repeat viewings. Lots and lots of repeat viewings. 

The sixth and final season was split into two parts, of which concluded with episode 16 – aptly titled Nice While it Lasted. Indeed, it really was nice while it lasted, but that doesn’t mean it’s done and dusted…

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BoJack Horseman: Hollyhock’s letter

Fans still have some huge questions about season 6!

However, the biggest seems to centre upon Hollyhock’s letter. 

Throughout the season she keeps a distance from BoJack, and we witness him try to call and contact her a number of times to little avail. However, he eventually receives a letter from her which breaks him. 

This kickstarts a reckless chain of events, but the audience never actually learns what Hollyhock wrote. She doesn’t appear again; gone from both the audiences and BoJack’s life. 

Audiences talk Hollhock’s letter on Twitter

As you’d expect, a number of audiences have flocked to Twitter to vent their frustrations. 

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Some fans seem in agreement!

Although many won’t be impressed with the ambiguous nature of the letter’s contents, a number of fans are convinced that it simply means she has decided to cut ties with BoJack… nothing more, nothing less. 

This definitely makes sense. Hollyhock has known about the Penny incident for some time, and perhaps she decided to send the letter when she finally realised he’d never reveal all. 

Some have speculated suicide, which feels much less likely. This feels like something the show would explore more compassionately, rather than sweep away. 

ScreenRant writes on the matter: “We can perhaps assume, then, that… she knew of his actions, and that she no longer wanted to be a part of his life. On BoJack’s end, if that is the case, then he at least respects Hollyhock’s wishes, a further example of him letting people go so as to not cause them any more pain…”

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