The gist of what you must know about how to get Alien Alloy in Journey To The Savage Planet in order to upgrade items.

Journey To The Savage Planet is available on PS4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store. It’ll arrive on Steam at a later date, but as of now it’s only on these platforms. The game has been described as a fun, colourful, and pulpy sci-fi romp, with review scores ranging from middling-to-great. If you’ve started the game and are wondering how to upgrade your arsenal of zany gear, this guide will inform you as to what Alien Alloy is and how to get it.

There’s a lot to do in Journey To The Savage Planet. A secret ending exists to be found, there’s a colourful sandbox to explore from head-to-toe, and there’s a ton of bizarre critters that are more imaginative than anything else you’ll find in most sci-fi movies on the big screen nowadays.

To aid with your space exploration, this brief guide will act as a simple companion by telling you what Alien Alloy is and how to get it. Unfortunately, you can’t farm the substance, so get that out of your mind right away.

Journey To The Savage Planet: What is Alien Alloy?

Alien Alloy is a substance in Journey To The Savage Planet used for upgrading weapons and gadgets.

There’s a trophy attached to finding and gathering all 32 Alien Alloy in the game called The $600 Man.

As for the form it takes, you will find it as a spherical orb and you will receive a purple notification on your screen after picking it up.

Unfortunately, with Alien Alloy being a limited, rare, and collectathon resource, it’s impossible to farm. However, it’s crucial to upgrade your arsenal of space gizmo with your fancy 3D printer.

How to get Alien Alloy in Journey To The Savage Planet

Getting Alien Alloy in Journey To The Savage Planet mostly requires completing environmental puzzles.

Some of these puzzles require you to shoot certain things in order to cause a plant to open up and reveal the Alien Alloy.

Others require you to simply traverse to a specific area while avoiding fatal dangers. This is especially true when hopping about the inside of a cave full of erupting lava.

Others involve completing puzzles to unlock metallic containers, meanwhile some require you to find a way to destroy cubes of green goo.

As for finding Alien Alloy, you can find location tutorials on YouTube for all 32 of them. However, if you don’t want to cheat, then the easiest way to find them all is to get the Detector upgrade which requires Science Rank 3.