Controversial media personality Katie Hopkins has been suspended from Twitter.

Since social media took off and became the global powerhouse it is today, sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all been at the centre of a growing number of controversies in recent years.

From the alleged use of targeted and misleading Facebook adverts or fake news to sway public opinion during elections or YouTube supposedly allowing hate content to be viewed on its site, the next controversy usually isn’t too far away.

The latest of these internet controversies centres itself around Twitter and the banning of one of its most high-profile accounts.

Katie Hopkins has been banned from Twitter

The controversial media personality and Katie Hopkins, whose first steps into the public limelight came in the 2006 series of The Apprentice, has been banned from the social media site Twitter after a string of tweets were said to have breached the site’s terms of use.

The suspension of her account comes after Countdown‘s Rachel Riley teamed up with the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) to campaign for the suspension and banning of her account following a string of allegedly racist tweets.

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What did she say to get banned?

The tweets that led to Katie Hopkins’ suspension on Twitter were supposedly directed at the British grime artist Stormzy after he was asked back in December if Britain was still racist, to which he replied: “definitely, 100%” even if such racism was “hidden.” 

The tweets in question can be found in the image below. Stormzy has not commented on the news of her suspension.

Twitter reacts to the news

It’s safe to say that Twitter users have been left divided by Hopkins’ banning with some celebrating the decision while others are lamenting it, claiming that it is an afront to freedom of speech.

One of the more considered tweets on the subject read: “I despise Katie Hopkins. She is an arrogant, rude, attention-seeking hack who has attacked me on Twitter in the past for no reason. I COMPLETELY disagree with banning her account. Freedom to speak means the freedom to speak for people you despise.”

Another Twitter user, who was happy to see Hopkins go added: “Best news I’ve had in a while, Katie Hopkins account suspended as twitter totally wipes her twitter feed clean.”

Meanwhile, this Twitter user was vehemently against the decision: “Well done @Twitter you are now officially a Stooge of the movement to ban free speech.”

Kaite Hopkins was suspended from Twitter on January 30th and it remains to be seen if or when her account will be reinstated.

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