TikTok is definitely proving it’s intended for the next generation along, as one of Cassie’s 2000s hits has gone viral… and none of the young users seem to know what song it is.

One commenter on a YouTube upload of the full song – where it was also dubbed “TikTok song” – commented: “can someone please make this available on other musical platforms, like Spotify and SoundCloud.”

Kids these days, eh?

Now the hit is having a resurgence thanks to TikTok, as it is being latched onto by users and become one of the go-to “TikTok songs.”

So, what is the Cassie song which has gone viral?


Apparently throwing shade at my students today #WhatWouldHarleyDo #wholesomeplottwist #MusicalMindReader #allthedifference #athleisure

♬ Me & U – Cassie

What is the song?

Cassie, the R&B and pop princess of the mid-2000s best known song to date is ‘Me & U’. This is the song featured in the videos. 

Just one extract is used from the original song: 

I know them other guys they’ve been talking ’bout the way I do what I do. They heard I was good they want to see if it’s true. 

They know you’re the one I want to give it to. I can see you want me too, now it’s me and you.

As you can imagine, the brazen cockiness of the song translates pretty well to TikTok, as dancers show off their moves and good looks to the lyrics. 

You can find the song on all streaming platforms and YouTube. 

The best ‘Me & U’ TikTok videos

As we mentioned above, the trend tends to see PYT’s looking there best and singing along to Cassie’s lyrics. However there are some renditions of the noughties hit which had us cracking up. 

Check out this guy below, who definitely isn’t taking himself too seriously!  


This my stripper song. #fy #fyp #fypchallenge #xyzcba #thatswhatilike

♬ Me & U – Cassie


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