Everything you must know about how to get Scraggy as a reward in Pokemon Go Battle League.

The brand new PvP fighting service, Battle League, has come to Pokémon Go. As announced by Niantic in a blog post on January 28th, the service has gradually begun to become available “to Trainers based on Trainer level”. This allows players to fight each other in competitive action, as well as get new Pokémon such as Scraggy.

Pokémon Go Battle League starts with the pre-season Great League. The Ultra League will then commence on February 10th, followed by the Master League on February 24th, only to then return to the Great League once more on March 9th.

Players who participate in the Battle League will receive in-game rewards based on rank and wins. Specific ranks also result in encounters with the likes of Scraggy.

What are the Pokémon Go Battle League rewards?

The Pokémon Go Battle League rewards are in-game rewards dependant on rank and wins.

These rewards include Rare Candies as well as Pokémon encounters with the likes of Scraggy, Snorlox, Skarmory, and others.

Niantic’s full list of rewards and encounters up to rank ten were shared on Twitter by PokeMiners.

As you can see from the detailed chart, encountering Scraggy requires a rank of four.

How to get Scarggy in Pokémon Go Battle League

You must reach rank four in order to encounter and get Scraggy in Pokémon Go Battle League.

Once you’ve done that, you then need to win four matches to get a guaranteed encounter with Scraggy.

Reaching rank four shouldn’t be too difficult as all you need to do is participate in 15 match-ups.

Reddit user Glencurio has shared that two wins guarantees an encounter with a rank specific Pokémon when using a premium pass, whereas four wins is required for the free track.

This same Reddit user further notes that your first guaranteed encounter is with Snorlax. Scraggy will be your second, but it will be postponed if you don’t encounter Snorlax between rank 1-3.

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