How to get the 'you the tank engine' Instagram filter - join the world of Thomas and co!

Instagram screenshot: @joel.cgul

Not a day goes by that another Instagram filter isn't chucked into the mix and taking over every single one of our feeds.

They've become the go-to funny tool to crack up all of your friends and it looks like their popularity isn't diminishing any time soon.

Although the big leagues such as Harry Potter and Marvel have taken over, there's a nostalgic series which is creeping back into the mainstream thanks to a new Instagram filter... Thomas the Tank Engine!

So how do you get the 'you the tank engine' filter on IG? We've got all you need to know here. 

Instagram screenshot: @joel.cgul

What is the 'you the tank engine' filter?

The 'you the tank engine' filter sees your face superimposed onto the body of none other than Thomas the Tank Engine. It's quite the sight, as you can imagine. 

It was created by digital creator Joel Sigal. 

Joel is also responsible for creating some other notable filters, such as the 'puzzle pieces' filter and some spookier ones such as 'don't blink'. 

But his Thomas the Tank Engine filter has definitely gone down as his most popular to boot. 

How to get the filter step-by-step!

It's pretty easy to get your hands on Joel's filter and imagine an alternate reality in which you have assimilated into the world of Thomas the Tank Engine and have too, become a tank engine. 

All you'll need to do is head over to Joel's Instagram page where he has all of his filters stored. Check him out @joel.cgul

When you've clicked on the 'you the tank engine' filter, just tap 'try it' in the bottom left hand corner and boom. You're in. 


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