Farming Simulator 19: How buy land in this Epic Games freebie

Farming Simulator 19 How Buy Land In This Epic Games Freebie

Farming Simulator 19 is free on the Epic Games store, and this guide will help all you wannabe farmer Joes learn how to buy land.

Although there's a lot of slander towards the Epic Games store, there's no denying its free offering of games every week is a neat incentive. Make of them what you will, but Farming Simulator 19 is overall a decent freebie for trying out something different. If this incentive has resulted in you trying to play the game for the very first time, then this article will help all you wannabe farmers learn how to buy land so you can accomplish one of the first mandatory tasks that isn't all that well explained.

As already mentioned, Farming Simulator 19 is currently free to pick up, download and own on the Epic Games store. However, this isn't forever. The game is only free on the store up until February 6th which is when it'll be replaced by Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Pandemic. All of these will be available to download until February 13th.

While we could talk endlessly about the timing of Pandemic in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak in China, it's best for us to get back on track to talk about the headline experience which is trading in your horrible job behind a desk on a computer for the livelier profession of being a farmer.

But, before you can become farmer Joe, you'll first need to know how to buy land.

How to buy land in Farming Simulator 19

All you need to do to buy land in Farming Simulator 19 is switch from map view to land view.

Once you've done that, you'll be able to select the different pieces of land available to buy. You'll find the price of said land at the bottom of your screen next to your balance.

Provided you have enough currency on your in-game credit card, you'll be able to buy your desired land so you can start purchasing and placing necessary buildings and vehicles.

It's impossible to place buildings, vehicles, animals, and other tools on land you don't own, which is why you must buy land asap.

Know that when you buy land you also get its fields. This means you don't have to make any individual purchases in this regard.

Before you act as Mr. Big Spender by quickly buying any old piece of land, it's highly recommended that you actually visit the place first. After all, you wouldn't buy a house from just images on the internet alone; you'd first explore the inside, as well as check out the neighbourhood to ensure there are no loonies.

As for what you want to check out when buying a piece of land, you want to see how much space there is, how much of a makeover needs to be done, and where it is situated in relation to distance from other pieces of land and landmarks.

You'll also want to ensure there are no obstacles and that the surface is flat rather than downhill.

And that's all you really need to know about how to buy land in Farming Simulator 19. Unfortunately, the game isn't like Grand Theft Auto where you can do anything willy-nilly.

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You can't mow other peoples' fields, you can't harvest their crops, nor can you can chop down their trees for wood. You can only do farmer jobs on land that you own.

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