The upcoming Gretal and Hansel will leave you wanting to stay away from forests forever.

The horror film genre has enjoyed something of a renaissance in the last few years.

We’ve had films like IT, the brilliant A Quiet Place and Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning Get Out all picking up plenty of praise in the last few years.

This, of course, will spur on directors and studios to continue to ride the wave of popularity that has come from the success of these films.

Cue Gretal & Hansel, the latest re-telling of the infamous and universally known tale from the Brothers Grimm.

What’s Gretal & Hansel about?

We all know the story of Hansel and Gretal. Two children, a brother and sister, are forced out of their home by a wicked stepmother after famine hits. 

After managing to work their way back home once, Hansel and Gretal end up losing their way the second time they are led out into the woods and end up coming across a cannibalistic witch.

For the 2020 Gretal & Hansel film, however, things have been changed up slightly with an older Gretal taking charge and leading her younger brother out into the woods under their own steam in order to look for food or work, again crossing paths with an evil witch who’s sizing them up for dinner.

Some familiar faces

Leading the somewhat small main cast as Gretal is Sophia Lillis of IT fame.

Joining her in this gritty horror is Samuel Leaky as Hansel, embarking on only his second acting role.

And lastly, playing the cannibalistic witch in devilishly creepy fashion is South African actress Alice Krige.  

Where was Gretal & Hansel filmed?

While the original Grimm tale of Hansel and Gretal is set in medieval Germany, this film adaptation takes place in an unnamed area of fairytale countryside.

As a result, the production team didn’t feel obliged to head into the forests of Germany and instead chose woodland around the Irish capital of Dublin for filming instead. 

Once filming in Dublin, which took place between November and December 2018, concluded, production moved to the forests of British Columbia in Canada for reshoots and pick-ups. 

While normally they’re stunning and picturesque locations, you’ll probably end up thinking twice about venturing into the woods after seeing Gretal & Hansel when it releases on January 31st 2020.

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