Just like the supernatural forces it features, there’s no keeping The Grudge series down.

Audiences are wondering who plays The Grudge after the 2020 sequel arrives in cinemas. 

The film series has given fans many nightmares over the years, whether from the Japanese or American efforts. Takashi Shimizu’s Ju On: The Grudge was released back in 2002, but he’d soon go on to helm the US remake with Sarah Michelle Gellar in 2004.

Both have admirable reputations, but there’s no denying that the series went downhill after these two. Nevertheless, you can’t keep a once successful film series down for too long, and talks of a reboot eventually began to circulate. 

When American filmmaker Nicolas Pesci became attached, the horror community couldn’t help but discuss the film’s promise. He impressed genre fans with his 2016 directorial feature debut The Eyes of My Mother in 2016. It’s a unique and disturbing piece of work, and fortunately, he elaborated on his passion for horror cinema with the satisfying but wildly different Piercing in 2018. 

He was a great choice for 2020’s The Grudge, which actually ended up being a sequel, concerning events during and after the 2004 film. With a solid director at the helm, let’s move swiftly onto casting…   


Who plays The Grudge in the 2020 sequel?

The Grudge is played by Junko Bailey, and when we say The Grudge, we mean the character of Kayako’s ghost. 

Over the years, most audiences of the film have simply referred to the character as “The Grudge”, with “you look like The Grudge” becoming a common phrase when someone has their hair hanging over their face. 

The character of Kayako featured in the previous efforts and is again seen in the 2020 sequel, although the film does juggle numerous stories this time around and introduce new characters. 

In the 2002 and 2004 predecessor, Kayako was played by Takako Fuji, who actually reprised the role in 2006’s The Grudge 2. So, where have we seen newcomer Junko before?

Junko Bailey: Movies & TV

 According to IMDb, her part in The Grudge was only her second role!

You could certainly consider it a leap too, as her previous role was that of “Japanese Woman” all the way back in a 2004 TV movie called Category 6: Day of Destruction. So, The Grudge is essentially her feature film debut. 

Taking this into consideration, perhaps we’ll see her earn more horror movie roles after appearing in Nicolas Pesce’s sequel. 


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If you’re interested in keeping up to date with Junko, be sure to head over to Instagram. 

You can find her at @junko.bailey; she currently has 123 followers. There are a number of The Grudge-related posts to check out, including one of her posing for a selfie next to a poster.

On this particular post, a comment reads: “I wish you got more scenes as Kayako. I’m kinda bummed they rebooted the movie and only gave her a small part. We miss her…” We’re sure many fans of the series will feel similarly, but fingers crossed we’ll see her on screens again down the line. 

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