A difficult glitch and workaround has been shared online for how to get the four-leaf clover in Temtem without crystal skates.

Temtem has been in Early Access for a few days now and everyone seems to be enjoying the Pokémon-like MMO. However, thanks to it being incomplete, there are few restrictions such as not being able to get rock-climbing gear or being able to recapture crystal skates when lost. The latter in particular has prevented people from being able to attain the four-leaf clover item.

As an MMO that has been compared to Pokémon repeatedly for obvious reasons, Temtem has a lot of creatures and items to capture and obtain. There will be more added to the game as it continues to get closer to its full release in 2021, but as of now it’s a large bite-sized chunk of what’s to come.

However, while edible and tasty in its current state, there are a few shortcomings such as not being able to reclaim crystal skates to easily get the four-leaf clover. If you’ve lost the aforementioned gear and are in search of the leprechaun’s greatest weakness, then thankfully a glitch and workaround has been shared online. Only problem is it’s difficult to pull off.

What is the four-leaf clover in Temtem?

The four-leaf clover in Temtem is an item which increases your odds of capturing untamed creatures in the wild.

Meanwhile, the crystal skates are gear that allow you to move about on slippery surfaces without sliding about uncontrollably.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that you lose your crystal skates after progressing to a certain point in the story. To make matters worse, it is currently impossible to get them back in the Early Access version of the MMO.

This hurts for a number of reasons with most people having cited the inability to get the four-leaf clover.

However, to make things a little better, a glitch/workaround has been shared for how to get the Irish item without the necessary gear.

How to get the four-leaf clover without crystal skates in Temtem

You must visit the Aquamarina Caves to get the four-leaf clover without crystal skates in Temtem.

Once you’ve done that, you must then proceed as normal until you reach the slippery red surface that typically requires the crystal skates to manoeuvre around.

When you reach the slippery floor of red, people have suggested holding up and left to get stuck on a bit of cave wall that will allow you to travel down South and manoeuvre through the rest of the slippery portion.

This glitch/workaround has been shared online by YouTuber FUBAR2015. They also suggest using emotes, but some of the comments they have received suggests this doesn’t work.

You can watch their video above to see a visual demonstration for how to get the four-leaf clover without crystal skates.

As for comments, users have posted the following helpful tips:

“It still works, it works easiest if naked and if you go at the upper wall at an angle (up and to the left at the same time). I’ve done it multiple times in a row to test and angles work the best.”

“Just done it by the holding up and left method took a few minutes, didn’t take clothes off because honestly I don’t see how that would make any difference… Just seems like RNG.”

“For anyone having trouble: try holding up as far as you can before getting on the ice, letting go, and pushing up+left WHILE SLIDING after the 3rd bump on the wall (it shows on minimap the bumps you can get caught on) The emote has nothing to do with it, it’s either random, or based on when you push up+left the second time (while sliding). This method worked for me with no emotes and with clothing on… being naked or using emotes DOES NOTHING.”

It’s not the easiest workaround in the world as it will require a dozen attempts as well as a lot of luck to pull off. However, despite being bloody difficult, hopefully it shows that you can miraculously still get the four-leaf clover if you’ve lost your crystal skates.

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