The release date and estimated price for the final piece of the jigsaw to the season pass for Metro Exodus, Sam’s Story.

Despite the understandable controversy and slander that surrounded it becoming an Epic Games Store limited-time exclusive, Metro Exodus was still one of the best games of 2019 be it on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. And, if you’re itching to return to its universe, you needn’t wait for the confirmed next instalment as the season pass comes to an end very soon with Sam’s Story. Here you will discover its release date as well as what it includes.

The next instalment in the Metro video game series has been confirmed by the author of the novels. No details have been shared at the moment as the novelist is still working on the story and script, but fans will be pleased to know that Exodus is not the end.

These same fans will also be pleased to hear that the critically acclaimed third instalment is being topped off in just over a week with Sam’s Story – the finale to its season pass.

Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story release date

The release date for the final DLC instalment in the Metro Exodus season pass, Sam’s Story, is February 11th for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

This is the second instalment of DLC following the release of the Two Colonels which first became available back in August 2019.

4A Games’ Two Colonels saw players follow the story of Colonel Khlebnikov as he made his way home to his son for New Year’s Eve.

It was an engrossing linear chapter which came with “the deadly flame-thrower,” but Sam’s Story sounds as if it’ll provide more of an open adventure.

Sam’s Story

The final piece of DLC for the Metro Exodus season pass is Sam’s Story. This was originally slated for early 2020 and 4A Games have delivered on their promise as it will arrive just next month.

As for what the DLC is all about, players will explore a “brand new sandbox survival level based on Vladivostok.

In the shoes of Sam, players will explore the remains of Vladivostok’s tsunami ravaged harbours. Complying with what you expect, this means you’ll be scouring through and sneaking about a harsh environment full of ruined buildings and crumbling districts.

For fans who prefer the linear and claustrophobic storytelling of Last Light, the return to an open sandbox may be disappointing but hopefully the developers will manage to recapture the horror and intensity that made Exodus so memorable.

No price has been shared at the moment, but it could cost the same as Two Colonels, £6.99. Expect new weapons, monsters and terrifying scenarios.

If you bought the edition with the season pass then you will have immediate access to the DLC without any further cost.

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