Everything you must know about when the Epic Games Store exclusive, Journey To The Savage Planet, will be on Steam.

Journey To The Savage Planet has just launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store only. The game has received middling-to-strong reviews with some outlets sharing the opinion that it’s a “funny side of Metroidvania“. With the game receiving positive assessments, it’s no surprise that Steam loyalists are wondering when it will land on their store of choice.

Epic Games exclusives are nothing new as Metro Exodus and Borderlands 3 are both examples of hugely-anticipated video games that received a lot of slander when revealed as limited-time properties to the store. However, despite exclusivity deals having become a lot more common, it doesn’t mean gamers have learned to approve the business decision.

Yet, while it’s disappointing for those who don’t want to purchase through the Epic Games Store for various reasons, the good news is that these games do eventually land on Steam. As will happen with Journey To The Savage Planet in the foreseeable future.

Will Journey To The Savage Planet be on Steam?

Yes, Journey To The Savage Planet will release on Steam.

It’s currently an Epic Games Store exclusive like 505 Games’ other title Control, but it will land on Steam in 2021.

As for why it’s an Epic Games exclusive on PC, it’s because 505 Games had announced a partnership with the storefront at the Game Developers’ Conference back in March 2019.

This partnership has resulted in both Control and Journey To The Savage Planet being 12-month exclusives to the Epic Games Store.

With that being the case, it means Control should land on Steam around August 2020 with Journey To The Savage Planet arriving shortly afterwards around January 2021.

Of course, the long wait will be agonising for Steam loyalists who want to play as soon as possible. Yet, while controversial for multiple reasons, it’s become somewhat of a shared opinion amongst numerous outlets that exclusivity deals are proving to be a success.

This means newly formed alliances are likely to continue with there even being concern about the recently announced Godfall.

Journey To The Savage Planet is available on PS4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store.

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