More Transformers are rolling our way and one of them could be centred around the much-loved Beast Wars franchise.

The Transformers franchise has always been hugely popular, even before Michael Bay’s live-action films rolled our way in the late 2000s, every kid and his dog would almost certainly have had some experience with Transformers at some point.

Whether that’s from the multitude of toys, TV shows or video games, there’s a much-loved Optimus Prime memory in the dark depths of our minds somewhere.

Paramount Pictures clearly know this as, despite the most recent film in the franchise, Bumblebee, stumbling a little bit at the box office, there are no plans to slow down churning out movies just yet.   

More Transformers movies are on their way

That’s right, it has been widely reported that two more Transformers films are in the works.

While one of the touted Transformers films is expected to be a sequel or spin-off from the Bumblebee film, the other movie that’s being hinted at is expected to centre around Beast Wars.

An introduction to Beast Wars

If you’re new to Beast Wars, let us explain.

Transformers are famed primarily for being giant robots which can change their shape into vehicles such as cars, planes, boats or tanks.

Beast Wars, meanwhile, which was a show that first appeared in 1996, saw Transformers that could switch between being giant robots and animals instead.

And, as a result, there were some pretty cool creations to come from this series, even if the animation was somewhat questionable. 

The Beast Wars characters we have to see

Since Beast Wars first arrived on our screens in the late 90s, the sub-section of the franchise has grown almost non-stop and features well over 100 new characters or animal-esque tweaks from characters in the original Transformers franchise. 

We’ve managed to narrow it down to just seven who are must-haves if Beast Wars is to become a film.

  • Optimus Primal
  • Grimlock
  • Rattrap
  • Cheetor
  • Rhinox
  • Waspinator
  • Tigatron

Beast Wars spotlight

While we’d love to delve into each character on the list above, there’s not enough time in the day, so we’ve picked out three of the characters that are either the most important or simply the coolest.

Optimus Primal

You simply can’t have a Transformers film with Optimus Prime. However, this technically isn’t Optimus Prime but is the next best thing, a Gorilla-like alternate version for the Beast Wars universe.


Technically, Grimlock has already appeared in the Transformers film franchise before. In Age of Extinction, he is the enormous Transformer T-Rex that we see Optimus Prime ride in the film’s climax. Including Grimlock, who’s actually a velociraptor – not a T-Rex – in the original Beast Wars, would be a nice little link to the previous films.


There’s no link to the main film franchise in Cheetor but that’s made up for by his ultra-cool name and feline looks, as well as a gorgeous blue and yellow colour scheme akin to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL.

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