TikTok’s Flex Challenge is proving to be quite a tricky one, here’s how to do it.

Social media has seen countless challenges and trends come and go throughout the years with the Cinnamon Challenge and the Ice Bucket Challenge sticking out as two of the best-known examples.

More recently, the site TikTok has seen a whole host of new trends and challenges emerge. 

In the final few months of 2019, we saw the Chair Challenge divide men and women with the latter being able to do the challenge with ease while men struggled.

Now, a similarly tricky challenge has emerged in the form of the Flex Challenge.


someone please duet this and see if you can get it faster #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #newflexchallenge #challenge #gettingup #viral #trendinf

♬ original sound – ashbashuno

What is the TikTok Flex Challenge?

The Flex Challenge sounds easy enough in theory.

You start by lying face down on the ground, with your hands behind your back.

Then, without rolling onto your side, you simply stand up.

Piece of cake, yeah? 

Well, as it turns, out the challenge has proved notoriously tricky for many to do.


How to do the Flex Challenge

To do the Flex Challenge properly, you effectively need to have gymnast levels of flexibility.

As we’ve seen in some of the examples above, some have tried a technique where you somehow defy physics to bring your legs round almost in a circle to allow you to kneel and then stand up.

For a more realistic attempt, for those of you who aren’t passionate gymnasts, your best bet is to try and shuffle your legs up so that you can just about kneel before lifting your top half up with your torso muscles rather than your arms a bit like we see in the example below.


Challenges my boyfriend! I think this is called #thefishchallenge #challenge #cozylittlechristmas #weirdmoment trippv123

♬ original sound – ashbashuno

Where it all started

While many will credit TikTok gymnast @JaxKrantiz with the creation of the Flex Challenge on January 4th, where she’s seen breaking out into the splits to get up, the trend technically started a little earlier.

In December 2019 @ashbashuno appears to be the first person to post a video of the challenge, with her and her boyfriend shuffling up onto their knees rather than breaking out into a split, but she’s dubbed it the Fish Challenge instead of the Flex Challenge.

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